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About UK

United Kingdom, island country located off the northwestern coast of mainland Europe. The United Kingdom comprises the whole of the island of Great Britain—which contains England, Wales, and Scotland—as well as the northern portion of the island of Ireland.

The capital is London, which is among the world’s leading commercial, financial, and cultural centres. Other major cities include Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Belfast, Edinburgh, Glasgow in Scotland and Swansea and Cardiff in Wales. 83.2 % of the population is urban in the UK.

The main language in the UK is English, which is spoken throughout the whole country.

The UK has a temperate climate. In general, this means that Britain gets cool, wet winters and warm, wet summers. The weather conditions are also very changeable.


The UK is one of the world’s most popular destinations to study higher education, with more than 500,000 international students enrolling each year. One of the world’s leading destinations for international students, second only to the USA. UK universities are among the best in the world, and consistently perform well in world rankings. They also have a reputation for world-class research.

There are more than 395 universities and colleges, offering over 50,000 undergraduate to higher education courses across the UK.

  • High education quality
  • Short duration courses
  • Cost effective
  • Scholarships
  • Apply without IELTS
  • Easy visa process and low visa rejection
  • Work opportunities
  • No language barrier


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The best universities in the UK are also among the very best in the world. The Russell Group is a self-selected association of twenty-four public research universities in the United Kingdom. The Russell Group list is often considered to be the gold standard of academia in the UK; they frequently hit the highest standards of academic, sporting and research excellence.

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