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MSc Innovation and Entrepreneurship by University of Wolverhampton

This course will introduce you to the business tools, techniques and theories that will allow you to work more effectively in an entrepreneurial and innovative employment set-up as well as it will also equip you with the entrepreneurial skills. The course will provide theoretical concepts of innovation, practical applications of innovation, and the management skills… Read More »

UK Universities buying out private colleges or partnerning them!

The strict regulations imposed by the UKBA to curb Private Higher Education institutions in the UK has created a void in the market which various UK Universities have grabbed with both hands. Several universities are buying out private colleges or partnering private colleges and making them their extended campuses. University of Wolverhampton has acquired a… Read More »

Sample LOR for MSc in Computer Science in UK

To, Graduate Admission Committee, This is with regard to Mr. Hanish, who is applying at your university for graduate studies. I have known Hanish since his third year as an undergraduate student and have taught him the subject of “Business Information System” in the fifth semester and as a project guide of his Final year… Read More »

Sample LOR for MSc in Computer Science in UK

It’s great to write a few words in the form of a recommendation for Mr. Hanish Patel. It is almost three years since I know him and during these years I have taught him these subjects along with their lab work:- Introduction to Object Oriented Methodology, Concepts in Programming Languages and Software Engineering. During this… Read More »

Sample SOP for BSc (Hons) Professional Nursing Studies in UK

Throughout my life, I have been driven by the desire to create and innovate, a capability that is always known to transcend the active acquisition of knowledge. In this era of globalization, I decided not to just get enthralled by the sociological marvels, but to play my part in it. In view of such global… Read More »

Sample SOP for MSc Computer Science from University of Wolverhampton in UK

‘The sum total of what one knows is negligible, finally what is important is, and one should pursue knowledge’. I am an Engineer and the desire for incessant pursuit of knowledge guides me to the University of Wolverhampton in order to acquire an MSc in Computer Science. My Academic Background: In my undergraduate studies, I… Read More »