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Sample SOP for MBA program in UK

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I believe in the simultaneity of cause and effect. The Lotus flower is significant here as it is a plant that flowers and seeds at the same time. This tells me that I must create the results I desire.

I am a woman of diverse interests. I am in expressing my views with effective communication. I have various creative pursuits like dance, painting and writing for a smooth expression of thoughts. I am passionate about traveling and am interested in management. This diversity and flexibility in my attitude has given me a strong base to create the right causes.

Employment with American Express Bank in India has been a rewarding experience. My core job was to provide an extraordinary customer experience to the US based corporate clients. I was recognised and rewarded appropriately for various acts of exemplary service.

I took an initiative within the team to regularly analyse and categorise the various queries from the customers and then also analyse the customer comments regarding the handling of the call. I heard recorded calls through software called NICE. I categorised these calls into broad segments as per the degree of research required and actions to be taken. I then marked my agents’ basis the process knowledge and handling effectiveness. Following this I assisted my manager with the coaching and feedback routines. This helped us focus and improve the team performance on the whole.

Now with a technical base, sound schooling from one of the reputed schools in India and some experience in the Industrial field, I want to be precise about my career and pursue in the field of management. I am confident that the MBA program from Swansea Metropolitan University would significantly impact my professional life and would equip me with comprehensive, specialized and rigorous professional training in all aspects of business management.

It is an ultimate desire to do MBA from UK, as the education provided in UK is very unique in itself. The universities in UK are renowned globally for their standards and the duration of courses. I would like to acquire and develop new skills to make better decisions and advance my career. I will give develop more skills and polish my character through the cultural diversity that the university offers.

If given an opportunity to be a student at Swansea Metropolitan University, I will leave no stones unturned and will try to contribute my knowledge and skills I have gained throughout my life. I will respect the customs and laws of the university and try to learn as much as I can in all the fields.

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