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Sample SOP for MSc Computer Science in UK

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My objective for graduate  studies  in  Computer  Science  is  to prepare  myself  for  the  long term goal of pursuing a career of teaching and research. I have  nurtured  a  strong  passion  to become  a  scientist  and  pursue  research.  In the pursuit of Knowledge, I have always adopted a rigorous approach in order to attain an in-depth understanding of the subject at hand. This has  reflected  in  my  consistently  brilliant   career, always topping  the  class  and  having received numerous national level awards. With a GPA of 9.72, I am ranked first at the IIT among nearly 350 students.

I have been involved in research and distributed computing systems. I  studied  various  problems  in  distributed systems and distributed databases  including  deadlock  detection and  resolution,  termination detection , distributed snapshots and consistency. I have been attracted towards the field of correctness of parallel programs. I published a Technical Report, reporting errors in two published deadlock detection algorithms and highlight their underlying deficiencies with respect to the distributed nature of computation.  I am  also  involved  in  the development  of  an  optimizer generator which would automate the process of writing optimizers based on the specifications of  the optimizations. I am currently engaged in writing a paper on an efficient algorithm for performing global data-flow analysis. The  new  algorithm  that  I  have  developed  utilizes  the notion of backward information flow to perform propagation using work-lists in  an  efficient  manner.

I have chosen to pursue graduate studies in University of Newcastle because  by  working  under  the  guidance  of  the distinguished researchers I am confident of making an original contribution  in the  field  of  Computer  Science.  My interest in research has burgeoned during my undergraduate studies at IIT. I have excelled in our in the undergraduate programs and have developed a solid background to take up research in Computer Science.

I have decided to go in for graduate studies  for  a personal  commitment to  the  fulfilling  craft  of independent research that involves willingly making  personal  sacrifices of time, leisure and immediate reward  .  In  turn  I shall  get intellectual  satisfaction  and  the gratification of becoming  a contributor  to   knowledge through  research  and  the greater personal rewards of  learning  and  discovery. I  believe  that  I possess  the  motivation, intellectual ability and  preparation to set  out  on  this  exhilarating  and  arduous  path and to make Significant original contributions to your on-going research work.

I look forward to joining Newcastle University as a graduate student in your esteemed department.

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