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Sample SOP for MSc Management in UK

“A dream becomes a goal when action is taken towards its achievement” -Bo Bennet. A firm believer in the above saying and believer in myself, I aspire to become a successful manager, one who can effectively contribute in the working of his organization. In the era of globalization, a manager plays a crucial role in… Read More »

Sample SOP of MSc International Business and Entrepreneurship

Looking at the trend in the market, where there is great competition in the economy, every qualified person dreams to pursue his career in the business, since it is one of the areas seeing unprecedented growth. There is scope of continuous growth and learning in this field depending on the capabilities. It is an ultimate… Read More »

Sample Sop for MSc Advancing Physiotherapy (Musculoskeletal) in UK

I originally became interested in the health care field at a very early age because I always liked the way doctor work n treat their patients. I was attracted to the idea of helping people with physical problems, although I had no thought about any specific specialty. However, in time physical therapy became the logical… Read More »

Sample SOP for MSc in Computer Science from Leeds Met University, UK

I have completed my Bachelor of Engineering from Yeshwantrao Chavan College of Engineering, Nagpur, India in Electrical Engineering field. In a world where everything from fighter jets to elevators, interactive graphic displays to digital watches, is driven by computers, I found it difficult not to get enthralled by the technology involved. In view of such… Read More »

Sample SOP for MSc in Computing Networking in UK

“Don’t ask what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country” this inspirational proclamation of John F. Kennedy stirred my internal nation when I heard his recording for the first time in a seminar and I encountered a thought which gave me mission for my life, ‘Don’t ask… Read More »