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Sample SOP for MSc Management in UK

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“A dream becomes a goal when action is taken towards its achievement”

-Bo Bennet.

A firm believer in the above saying and believer in myself, I aspire to become a successful manager, one who can effectively contribute in the working of his organization. In the era of globalization, a manager plays a crucial role in the determining the success of an idea/product.

My schooling at Dr. Virendra Swaroop Senior Secondary School (Kanpur) imbibed in me a sense of responsibility and discipline in all aspects of my life. Then I completed my further studies in computers from Integral University (Lucknow) with 68%. The knowledge that I have gained over the years through my education and various experiences have shown me the path I should follow. These experiences helped me discover myself.

As a computer major in college, I developed excellent analytical skills and improved my problem solving ability. I also have sound understanding of technical aspects in the Software industry.

Since childhood, various aspects of business world intrigued me. With the growing global economy and the profusion of different arenas in the field of technology, trade and education, marketing, administration management is one area that is seeing unprecedented growth.

I thus see management as one of the most significant modern day approaches to meet the growing challenges of life. In today’s fast changing environment, I want to face more challenges and widen my horizons. Masters in management will equip me with more power and skills to reach my goal.

Here, is the primary reason for which I want to pursue Msc in Management from Glasgow University. I took into account, two different kinds of benefits of the degree: The instrumental benefits and personal benefits.

INSTRUMRNTAL BENEFIT: From career perspective, MSc Management will be a milestone towards my learning quest. It is a master with exceptional band value, academic rigor, the latest curriculum and a comprehensive learning prospect. It will help me to develop and learn new perspective skills, knowledge and the opportunity to be a part of diverse culture.

PERSONAL BENEFIT:  Doing a master program will enhance the core business and technical skills so important in the corporate world. It will give me a wide platform to walk and to choose from the various career options that will be available once this course is completed. It will definitely increase my managerial skills and enhance my professional abilities.

Seeking a more practical approach towards education than a theoretical one, I believe that the course I have enrolled for has all the provisions and faculties to fine line my capabilities and would usher knowledge and aptitude to establish global standards of working with a modern approach.

I am keenly interested in enhancing my knowledge even further beyond my home country. I want to enhance my understanding of the principle of dynamic world across geographic and disciplinary boundaries.

I would also utilize my tenure in Glasgow University to validate and further sharpen my future goals.

My ability to adapt to diverse, challenging and unforeseen environments will definitely be an asset in my quest for an internationally recognized master’s degree from Glasgow University.

Hence, I look forward to being a part of the incoming class of fall 2009 at Glasgow University.

Sample SOP of MSc International Business and Entrepreneurship

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Looking at the trend in the market, where there is great competition in the economy, every qualified person dreams to pursue his career in the business, since it is one of the areas seeing unprecedented growth. There is scope of continuous growth and learning in this field depending on the capabilities.

It is an ultimate desire to do MSc International Business and Entrepreneurship from Essex University, UK as the education provided in the UK is the best in the world. The said university of UK is renowned globally for their standards and the course content.

My Grandfather is a Sole Proprietor of a firm name as IMPERIAL METAL MART. The firm is a dealer/stockist of JINDAL ALUMINIUM LTD. since September 1984, with a main objective to supply sophisticated quality Aluminum Extrusions in India.

My father is a graduate from Delhi University and after completing his graduation he had joined our family business and has taken the business to great height. In a short span of time, he has geared up to large variety of Aluminum Extrusion products and Aluminum Architectural products.

Belonging to a business family, and having exposure to business, my fascination has always been in the way businesses are run and hence my interest in business management. To continue the legacy of growth of our family business, the family including myself believe that after completing my education there is plenty of scope and requirement for me back here in the family business.

My schooling has been done in Delhi Public School which is the best of its kind in our city.

I have always been great in my studies and scored very good marks in my school. I had been rewarded by a Proficiency Award for securing 5 A1’s in class XII, CBSE. I was also involved in various curricular activities.

After finishing my schooling I joined Ramjas College, Delhi University for doing graduation. As I was always interested in doing business so I choose B.Com. (Hons.) as a course for graduation. I also joined my family business in my vacation for practical knowledge. I was very good in studies in my college and was always involved in various curricular activities. I secured very good score in my first year and I am working hard in third year to secure first division in college.

Now with a sound schooling from one of the reputed schools in India, graduation from one of the best Universities in India and some experience in the business field, I want to be precise about my career and pursue in the field of MSc in Entrepreneurship. I am confident that choosing the course offered by Essex University would significantly impact my professional life and would equip me with comprehensive, specialized and rigorous professional training in all aspects of business management.

I want to learn, gain experience and finally to come back to run the family business. Also want to achieve new heights of success and to make my family, my school and my college proud of my achievements.

If given an opportunity as a student of Essex University, UK, I will leave no stones unturned and will try to contribute my knowledge and skills I have gained through out my life.

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Sample Sop for MSc Advancing Physiotherapy (Musculoskeletal) in UK

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I originally became interested in the health care field at a very early age because I always liked the way doctor work n treat their patients. I was attracted to the idea of helping people with physical problems, although I had no thought about any specific specialty. However, in time physical therapy became the logical focus of my attention for a number of reasons. I believe that “one should have a dream and work hard to achieve them’’. I am applying for MSc Advancing Physiotherapy (Musculoskeletal) from Sheffield Hallam University. Musculoskeletal has always been my area of interest, as there are several cases available in the society.

I have completed my graduation in Physiotherapy from Sikkim Manipal University. In my third year I joined a private clinic as a volunteer. I have seen many cases of fractures, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, cervical n lumbar spondylosis. I have worked in two clinics as a volunteer and have seen majority of people suffering from musculoskeletal problem. I have seen the benefits of physical therapy in a dramatic way. I have seen that physical therapy provides a non-invasive means of treatment that can yield such long-lasting results. Eleven months as a volunteer and four-and-a-half years as a physical therapy aide have only served to enhance my interest in the profession.

Currently I am doing internship in a hospital group with separate in-patient and outpatient facilities. This has given me a chance to observe patients over long periods of Rehabilitation and develop rewarding relationships.
I always wanted to pursue my post graduation from a place where I could meet people from all over the world, interact with them know about the ideas and how they plan the treatment. This would definitely help me to implement the same in my work after the successful completion of the course.

As I have decided to make my carrier in Musculoskeletal. I am well aware of the dedication and hard work required in this field. My zeal for learning and working and the optimistic attitude will help me in my post graduate studies. I am looking forward to have a long and beneficial relationship with Sheffield Hallam University.

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Sample SOP for MSc in Computer Science from Leeds Met University, UK

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I have completed my Bachelor of Engineering from Yeshwantrao Chavan College of Engineering, Nagpur, India in Electrical Engineering field. In a world where everything from fighter jets to elevators, interactive graphic displays to digital watches, is driven by computers, I found it difficult not to get enthralled by the technology involved. In view of such a global scenario I have decided to pursue my Masters degree in ‘Computer Science’ from Leeds Metropolitan University, which I consider as a challenging and demanding field. Computer Science, as such is a rich intellectual discipline and it is the crux of myriad applications in every aspect of modern life. I look to refine my knowledge and skills in areas of my interest through graduate study and give directions to my goals of career as a research professional at an academic and research oriented organization.

My inclination towards computer engineering can be traced right from school days when I found an instinctive liking of subjects like physics and mathematics. Just after completing my secondary studies, I learnt the ‘BASIC’ and MSDOS language during my summer break and started honing my programming skills. To strengthen my basics for entering into the computer world, I opted for Electronics as my major in higher secondary school. Completing higher secondary studies successfully with fine grades enabled me to pursue my dream and procure admission in one of the best engineering colleges in Nagpur. As Electrical and Computers are very much connected to each other, I gained special interest in subjects that were common to both fields like Digital Circuits, C language, Network Theory, Control systems, Microprocessor and Computer Methods In Power Systems. The moment I wrote my first program in C programming, I knew this was the field I would pursue and since then I have not looked back. I wanted to gain thorough knowledge and further enhancing my OS and programming skills and not only stick to the allocated syllabus, I enrolled for a course in Unix Operating System, C and C++ at SSI Education in my third year. It gives me immense satisfaction that I joined SSI because what I learnt there is the basis of my career. Although I was not a topper of my class, I gained recognition from the computer teacher there. Most of the time was spent in Lab itself playing with C and C++. I was especially interested in software programming. So I learnt ‘JAVA’, ‘JSP’, ‘Visual Basic’, ‘HTML’, ‘XML’ and ‘Oracle’ which are the most dominant programming technologies.

Apart from my desire to amass knowledge, I also believe in sharing it with others. SSI education offered me to work as a faculty. At SSI, practical exposure to industry continued to add greatly to the depth of my knowledge. Apart from this, it gave me a great pleasure and sense of fulfillment to share my knowledge of C, C++, and JAVA with my students. I was also involved in organizing various extra-curricular activities. Group discussions and debates were regular features. I was part of the organizing committee, which hosted Cynosure 2004, a cultural show aimed at bringing out the various talents within the students to the forefront. It seems to me that processing gives the power to transform imagination into reality. Working at SSI has been an immensely satisfying experience. . During this period, I have worked on various projects, each of which was challenging in some way or other. I also kept on improving my skill set and ken. I went ahead to become Sun Certified Java Programmer for Java 2 Platform, which helped to set me apart from my contemporaries. The internet revolution has made me aware of the immense potential of computer networking. I was mesmerized at the ability of networking being able to bring different parts of the world together. This propelled me to do 6 month courses in Computer Networks and Advanced Programming in C++ which were part of the Kanwal Rekhi Distance Education Program conducted by IIT Powai, Mumbai. The course material consisted of switching, bridging, queuing, scheduling, routing – RIP/OSPF/EGP, TCP congestion control, socket programming, Network applications – DNS/FTP/HTTP/SMTP, RPC/RMI, CORBA and Network security. Programming, algorithms for sorting, searching and string manipulation. UNIX and shell Functions and scope, overloading of functions and template functions. Object oriented programming, class, derived class, inheritance and polymorphism, Exception Handling. Data structures: arrays, linked lists, stacks, queues, binary trees and basic algorithms for operations on these data structures. Internal data structures of the UNIX file systems – user file descriptor table, file table, inode cache and superblock.

In addition to the interest in academics and proficiency in computer languages my ability to combine these for applied aspects shows my zeal and keen interest for the benefit of the society. My sincere and hard work has produced tangible results in the limited time frame. My interest in applied science let me to select a project during the final year in HVDC transmission systems. This project entitled ‘A Study of HVDC Transmission System ‘ enabled me to work with dedicated associates in a team mode. This project highlights the different phases of transmission of electrical power from one network to another and the various control systems used to monitor the power transmission. I focused on the different Computer methods used in power systems for efficient transmission. This has further increased my desire to learn and assimilate the fundamental concepts on any subject. Additionally it has enforced in me the schematic approach and scientific temperament towards any problem analysis and solutions. In these four years of engineering, I have discovered that research gives me innermost pleasure and satisfaction. Hence I am resolved to continue with research for the rest of my life.

All through my school and college life I have played an active role in extra-curricular activities. I have always stood up to my teachers expectations for participating in debates, quiz and science project competitions at school level. I represented my school and college in inter-school and inter-college Football and Cricket competitions. I have participated in various College Dance Competitions and Plays. I wrote articles for my College Magazine on technical as well as general issues. I am member of CAFERATI –the writer’s network, which is an online forum for Indians writing in English. I have been posting my articles and poems and we host read-meets in several places once every month, where our members meet face-to-face, drink coffee, get to know each other and share works in progress. I have even cultivated the philanthropic aspect by being a member of “Retract club”, an organization dedicated to social service and “HelpAge India”, an organization that reaches out to the less fortunate old people in society. Through these organizations, I have participated in various social services and fundraising drives to help the society.

I presume that my knowledge of electrical along with my urge to excel in the field of computer science will give me the edge over students who excel in one of these two fields. I am confident that the particular challenges in my chosen field will build on my strengths and bring out the best in me so that I can contribute my might to humanize this world and make it a better place to live in for everyone.

One of my primary reasons for choosing Leeds Met is due to the fact that, it’s known to be one of UK’s leading institutes for Computer Science education and research. This is very important to me, because I see my MSc program as a platform to equip myself with research skills as I have intensions of doing a PhD. Secondly, Leeds Metropolitan University also has a good mix of foreign students and this will allow me to meet and learn different cultures. Finally, I also came to know that Leeds Met University was named university of the year xxxx for its extensive community service. It’s nice to be associated with such a university, as I would be able to contribute to the society.

But before I can achieve my goals of being a part of a famous Research and Development Organization, it is necessary for me to get a better exposure in the field of my choice through higher studies and so I decided to go for the Master’s degree in Computer Science in UK. After considering a select group of universities that offer an MSc in Computer Science, I have decided to apply to your esteemed University. While browsing through your university website I was impressed by the ongoing research activities being carried on by your renowned research faculty in Cyberspace Security and ADA-Java Connection. I will consider myself fortunate to have the honor of learning from experienced professors whose research interests coincide with mine. Besides an excellent infrastructure that your university possesses it also offers a highly intensive educational program with a meticulously designed curriculum that produces successful professionals and scholars. Therefore I feel that your university is the place where my entire academic needs will be fulfilled and I will move closer to achieving my career goals.

I wish to pursue graduate studies MSc in Computer Science and intend to follow this up with a PhD in an institution that would offer an equally conducive environment for my academic improvement and technical skills. Leeds Metropolitan University is reputed for its research facilities, computing resources and an apt atmosphere, which will enable me to pursue my career goals. I have motivation, aptitude and desire to learn. I hope that my academic background coupled with additional training will enable me to contribute towards the research in Computer Science in Leeds Metropolitan University and finally emerge as an active member of a team of researchers in this field that has always fascinated me. I look forward to an interesting and rewarding association.

Sample SOP for MSc in Computing Networking in UK

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“Don’t ask what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country” this inspirational proclamation of John F. Kennedy stirred my internal nation when I heard his recording for the first time in a seminar and I encountered a thought which gave me mission for my life, ‘Don’t ask what your life can bring to you, but ask what you can give to your life’. Following it with firm determination, I started exploring my way to the heights of my dream.

After the completion of my Bachelors in Computer Application, I joined as a Faculty Member cum Software Developer with the AHNT Institute of Hardware and Networking Technology, Maninagar, Ahmedabad. My education and work experience realized me that there is and shall always be a perpetual demand of qualified hardware & networking professionals, I have gained the basic knowledge about hardware and networking in my Bachelors Degree, which helped me to take a firm decision to specialise in this field.

My mission to search a good course and a good university ended with the “Masters in Network Computing” offered by the Swansea Metropolitan University. I remember the day when I read the course details of Swansea Met which I had received from the newspaper, electrified me and resulted in the meeting with the representatives at the British Education Fair at xxxxx, collecting all the information, and then applying for it.

The application of specialized skill in various companies, system in a very short time has increased the expectation of better and affordable solutions. There is a world wide demand for the master trouble shooter and solution provider in networking areas. Realizing the value of this I decided to limit extent my ideas and interest to the area of networks and it helped me fuel my desire and ambition to pursue an MSc in Computer Networks from Swansea Metropolitan University.

The MSc in Computer Networks from Swansea Metropolitan University would supplement my work experience in the field of Networking where I want to gain high credentials. Also this course provides me with sound foundation in hardware and Networking studies as to enable me to suit any functional and sartorial responsibility. Master degree will satisfy my wish to be recognised as a Network graduate from multicultural and worldwide recognised institute like this and I have selected it for my further education. I would have sufficient knowledge and skills for my present portfolio study career.

Mine is a four member family. My father is government servant and serving as a development officer in LIC (Life Insurance Corporation). My brother is a teacher in the BVD high school. My mother is house wife. My family encouraged me to take a decision to study further which led me to this application. I hope that my educational, work background, my serious efforts shall help me be a member of the SMU family.