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Sample SOP for MBA from Swansea Metropolitan University in UK

U.K. is the place to be, as it provides the perfect training and environment to achieve my entrepreneurial ambition. Having commerce in my higher secondary level has sharpened my mind and have created a desire to learn and given me an ease to purpose MBA in UK. After completing my Graduation, I started my own… Read More »

Sample SOP for MBA from Swansea Metropolitan University in UK

“The decline in Europe’s manufacturing industries causing major concern across the EU will be reversed by leaders who understand the role of technology in today’s societies, and who can deploy the softer people, strategic and business skills to lead their organizations.” The survey was conducted by the Club International des Ingenieurs ET des Industriels (CIII)… Read More »

Sample SOP for MBA in UK

I believe in struggling is the only way to keep up. This describes me very well my professional and personal life. I am applying for Master in Business Administration program in Swansea Metropolitan University. I have completed my graduation degree in engineering in Electronics & Communication with a strong knowledge base of communication and computer… Read More »

Sample SOP for MBA from Swansea Metropolitan University in UK

My career goals started taking shape towards the later part of my undergraduate degree. My parents offered significant participation in helping me in shaping my goals.  My father wanted me to join the elite Indian bureaucracy by becoming an IAS (Indian Administrative Services) officer. My mother, on the other hand, would always advise me to… Read More »

Sample SOP for MBA from LSBF in UK

Why do you want to do this post graduate course? What do you hope to gain from taking the program? I am looking forward to enhance my knowledge and skills in Management & Business Administration and my first step is to enroll for MBA from London School of Business and Finance, UK. I am from… Read More »

Sample SOP for MBA in UK for a student with an Engineering Background

Throughout my life, I have been driven by the desire to create and innovate, a capability that is always known to transcend the active acquisition of knowledge. In this era of globalization, I decided not to just get enthralled by the technological marvels, but to play my part in it. In view of such global… Read More »