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Sample SOP for MBA from Wolverhampton University in UK

“A person lives only once, but if you live right, once is enough”. The same truth applies to one’s career decision because the career you choose is going to live with you throughout your life & the education you perceive was, is & will be your most loyal friend and which will help you achieve… Read More »

Sample SOP for MBA from Newcastle University in UK

Right from my early childhood I had a dream to become an Engineer. After I passed My High School Exams my uncle, who is my mentor also suggested me to do a Professional Diploma. So I joined a four Year Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. After finishing the diploma, my first job was with an Automobile… Read More »

Sample SOP for MBA program in UK

I believe in the simultaneity of cause and effect. The Lotus flower is significant here as it is a plant that flowers and seeds at the same time. This tells me that I must create the results I desire. I am a woman of diverse interests. I am in expressing my views with effective communication.… Read More »

Sample SOP for MBA from UK for an IT Professional

Doing an MBA from UK has always been my dream. I have been working in the IT sector for many years and have now got extensive experience in this field. I now believe an MBA would really add value and growth to my professional career. I am 30, a successful Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) Database… Read More »