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Advantages of pursuing an MBA in UK

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Q. Why do you want to do this post graduate course? What do you hope to gain from taking the program?

I am looking forward to augment my knowledge and skills in Management & Business Administration and my first step is to enroll for Masters in Business Administration at your University.

I hail from a good family having ethical values. I have acquired graduation in the field of commerce. I have studied commerce subjects as Accountancy, Finance, Costing and Economics. I possess basic computer knowledge too.

I have inclination to endeavor in the best possible manner to be useful to the family and my professional life, to explore all possible opportunities to develop or to diversify my career for better and brighter future. In any job or assignment in general and even in business in particular, I believe, it is the concept of coming together –sharing together – working to gather and succeeding together that is helpful to progress and prosper.

It is mainly for above aim and purposes that I wish to further pursue my studies in the field of the Management and Business Administration. I believe my concern for the quality of attaining good education and for a new concept of finances in the global environment that could be helpful and instrumental to me in achieving my goals in life. My preference for acquiring better education in the field of Management & Business Administration is with an understanding that it is effective in managing any affairs and any activity that could be helpful and advantageous for better working, better productivity and better results.

However, just from simple observation, I have come across that an MBA in UK provides a distinct advantage. Enlightening my international bent, there is no doubting that UK is quite appropriate for my purposes. It is for such purpose that I wish and aim at: May the spirit of action, faith and fraternity, courage and confidence prevail in my pursuit to aim and aspire for something still more and something still better from life. There should be always an aim, aspiration and an ambition to go further, to improve and to excel for the better and brighter things and values of life.