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Top 10 Universities of UK for Computer Sciences and IT 2011-12


Planning to join an IT course in UK? Still undecided about which university or College of UK to choose for your Msc. in Computer Science or Robotics? Have a look at the top 10 ranked universities of UK for computer sciences and IT for the year 2011-12 as published in the University League Table 2012 by The Guardian.

You will get to know the top university or college of UK for your desired course or study programme. This will help you a lot while filling out your application and choosing a suitable college or university in UK for further education. One can swiftly compare their favorite UK University with the others present on the list.

Top 10 Universities of UK for Computer Sciences and IT for the year 2011-12 [Design, exploitation and technology surrounding computing – includes computer sciences, information systems, software engineering, artificial intelligence]


Rating Name of institution Guardian score /100
Note: Other providers that deliver courses in this subject area, but for whom there is insufficient data to calculate a ranking position, include Trinity Saint David and UC SuffolkSource: Higher Education Statistics Agency (Hesa); National Student Survey; Intelligent Metrix Ltd
1 Cambridge 100.0
2 St Andrews 99.6
3 Oxford 97.4
4 Imperial College 92.3
5 Birmingham 91.7
6 York 88.6
7 Bristol 87.3
8 Southampton 83.5
9 Sussex 82.7
10 Stirling 82.2


Cambridge University besides being the number one UK university in the University League Table also bags the first spot on the top 10 list of Computer Sciences and IT courses offerings universities in UK with a perfect score of 100, just right on its toes is St. Andrews University with a score of 99.6.

World renowned Oxford University is not too far behind with its overall score of 97.4 on position 3. Next in line are Imperial College and Birmingham University on position 4 and 5 with high scores of 92.3 and 91.7. All these top 5 universities extend a decent enough chance of career after 6 months of graduation from their premises. Make sure you don’t forget to apply to these fames universities of UK!

However, if by any chance they are not fitting into your desired career path, then don’t be disheartened as Universities on number 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 are also quite good! York University, Bristol University, Southampton University, Sussex University and Surrey University all offer a wide range of graduation and post graduation courses in computer sciences, software engineering, IT solutions, animation, 3D animation, robotics, artificial intelligence etc.

So which one of these top 10 universities of UK for computer sciences and IT will be your home for the next 2 years!

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Sample LOR for MSc in Computer Science in UK

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Graduate Admission Committee,

This is with regard to Mr. Hanish, who is applying at your university for graduate studies. I have known Hanish since his third year as an undergraduate student and have taught him the subject of “Business Information System” in the fifth semester and as a project guide of his Final year Bachelors project.

During my association with Hanish Patel, I had an opportunity to observe him closely. I found him to be consistent, hardworking with a methodical and logical approach in his studies. His assignment work was outstanding. In his class he was very sincere and regular and had a keenness and willingness to learn. His understanding of various commands and concepts in COBOL language was indeed remarkable.

One particular quality of his, which stands out, is his extremely logical approach to any task he undertakes. This is demonstrated by the way he does programming in COBOL language and the way in which he mastered the key skills required for the subject. I also guided him for his Final year project named “DS TRISOMY DETECTION” which involved key aspects of Computer Science i.e. programming which was implemented on JAVA. The project was regarding the detection of child retardation before the birth of a child. I was astonished to imagine that his team work has made such a different project regarding detection of child retardations. It was his keenness which enabled him to make such a unique project successful.

I will place Hanish in the top 10-15% students of his class. In view of Hanish inherent potential, his strong determination and persistence, I feel that he is a fit candidate to pursue higher studies. Hence, I strongly endorse his application for admission in University of Wolverhampton for MSc in Computer Science.  I wish him success for his future endeavors.

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Sample SOP for MSc Computer Science from University of Wolverhampton in UK

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‘The sum total of what one knows is negligible, finally what is important is, and one should pursue knowledge’.

I am an Engineer and the desire for incessant pursuit of knowledge guides me to the University of Wolverhampton in order to acquire an MSc in Computer Science.

My Academic Background:

In my undergraduate studies, I have benefited from the breadth of Nagpur University’s syllabi content that has given me a comprehensive exposure to the core areas of Computer Science and a strong conceptual understanding of the same. In these three and half years of study, I have strived to maintain an approach of expending independent effort in all my endeavors. Learning by myself and sharing my knowledge with others has been most worthwhile, when comprehending a concept.

Over the past two years, I have developed an interest in the areas of Compiler Construction, Artificial Intelligence, Web Based Technologies and Database Management System. The Compiler Construction lab sessions last semester required the design of a compiler for C programs that were restricted to for loops, Switch case statements and simple input and output. The work involved in this, as well as the courses, Formal Systems and Automata and Compiler Construction, has leaded me to appreciate the intricacies involved in this field. However, for my MSC degree, I remain open to other topics as well.

My Extra-Curricular Activities:

I enjoyed taking part in sports, singing, debate etc. I always was at the forefront in organizing different events in school as well as the colleges. One person’s life influences the lives of an unbelievable number of people, one of the most important lessons I learned, being the Head of the Organizing Body at senior secondary level (11th and 12th standard). It taught me that the basis for good work is self-reliance and very importantly, time management. Not all of my entire two years were devoid of shortcomings. I learned to accept both criticism and praise with a positive frame of mind. My work involved organising various events, that brought with them the opportunity to work and interact with various kinds of people. This was a distinctively gratifying experience for me, which I feel would stand in good stead in the future, especially in lieu of any teaching experience.I was School Pupil Leader in school because of which I understood the greatness of Leadership I was also a class representative for most of the time in my school days. As playing cricket is my hobby I played at club level and at inter-college level, but couldn’t continue for higher level.

My Research Interests:

I am very much impressed by Neural Networks, expert Systems, and Virtual Reality so I want to design such software because of which a Master of Surgery student can practice a surgery or study a human body on the computer or on the big screen itself i.e. this thing doesn’t need a dead body or a live patient. All the things would be like real thing i.e. movment of hands, respond from virtual patient, his body parts and all the other aspects that are involved in the surgery process. Similarly the body parts of the virtual patient will be the same as human body parts. In this way a student can get a whole idea of the human body and when he is fully trained he can operate a real body.

My Career Plans:

After ten years I envision myself as engaged in a career of active research. I also get immense pleasure from teaching. I enjoy interacting with people and this leads me to believe that sharing with them the knowledge that I gain though my research would be a very rewarding experience. My dream is to open an institute dedicated to promoting DSP and play a part in the DSP revolution.

Why University of Wolverhampton?

Pursuing graduate studies focusing on research from an institute of International standing as yours is my long and cherished dream. Going through your brochure and web pages, I feel that the program offered by your University fulfils my needs and interests. Your University can provide me an opportunity to pursue my aims in life and prove my potential. I am confident that I have the potential and preparation to be a graduate at your university and would encourage you to give my application a thoughtful consideration. I look forward to joining the University of Wolverhampton.