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Sample SOP for MBA in Travel and Hospitality Management from LSBF (UK)

A strong interest in Hospitality led me to do a three year Diploma in Hotel Management & catering Technology from Naval Institute of Technology, India. I was always one of the best performers in my class and was awarded a certificate of excellence. Also, during my course I was interned with top hotels such as… Read More »

Sample SOP for dual MBA & CFA at LSBF in UK

The term ‘globalism’ has become overused and often misused. Infact we might say that it has actually been devalued to the level of the every day language of buzzword brandishing Marketing pundits. Such a freewheeling usage has perhaps propelled many CEO (or potential CEOs) to launch into a global plan or strategy without proper consideration… Read More »

Sample SOP for MBA from LSBF in UK

Why do you want to do this post graduate course? What do you hope to gain from taking the program? I am looking forward to enhance my knowledge and skills in Management & Business Administration and my first step is to enroll for MBA from London School of Business and Finance, UK. I am from… Read More »

Sample SOP MBA in Finance and Marketing in UK

India is said to be the growing economical superpower, which will open a huge opportunity in the Management of Science and Business at the same time making a rational decision of where to land after getting higher education. What kind of a higher education will enhance my knowledge, skill and capabilities to the best? To… Read More »