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MSc Business Psychology offered by London Metropolitan University

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This course will develop your understanding of organizations and why psychology is important to the performance of a business and its employees. After studying this course you will be able to apply the theoretical and research approaches from psychology to organizational settings in order to enhance business effectiveness and competitiveness. This program integrates a wide range of psychological theory and will allow you to practice and apply this knowledge and skills within organizational contexts.

Location: Holloway

Course Length: Full Time 1 year

Course Fee: 10,215 GBP

Entry Requirements: Graduates with degrees that include around 50% psychology. Applicants with degrees in other areas may be considered if they can demonstrate considerable relevant work experience. Proficiency in the English language is essential. If English is not your first language, you will require an IELTS 6.5 minimum with a minimum score of 6 in all components, TOEFL (old examination) 630, TOEFL (new examination) 267 or equivalent.

Start Date: January 2014

MSc Brand Management offered by London Metropolitan University

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The MSc in Brand Management is an innovative program delivered in the heart of the City of London. You’ll gain an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the importance and value of branding on both domestic & international levels in a fast changing and growing market, where the brand is a mandatory part of organizational success.

This program is aimed at dynamic professionals looking forward to advance their careers in Brand Management and is suited both to those already working in marketing or a related area, as well as those who aspire to do so. This course enables you to adjust with modern knowledge and build your own competencies in the global context.

Location: Moorgate

Start Date: January 2014

Course Length: 12 Months full time

Course Fee: 10,665 GBP

Entry Requirements: He/she have at least a lower second class UK Honours degree, or the equivalent undergraduate degree from overseas. University normally expect this to be in a Business or marketing related field. Those with relevant professional qualifications or extensive professional experience will also be considered. For students other than native English speakers a minimum score of IELTS 6.0 (with 5.5 in each component) is compulsory.

London Metropolitan University: Faculty of Computing & placement opportunities

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London Metropolitan University had started an exciting initiative, the WOW Agency, which is embedded within their Faculty of Computing. It helps their best students/graduates from Multimedia, Digital and IT into real client-driven projects at very competitive rates to business.

The WOW Agency, their internship/placement agency within the Faculty of Computing, has now delivered over 100 projects to a wide range of small and large London-based organizations.

Placing their top students and graduates into real client-driven projects at low cost to business has proved an invaluable source of
employability skills development for their students and they continue to source the stars of tomorrow for corporate IT, Digital and Multimedia requirements today. This also helps their students to get real internships and placements, paid at good rates, as part of their degree or masters course.

Latest WOW clients include Comic Relief, News International and a technically challenging Social Enterprise project where we are
developing a ‘sharing platform’ environment that will look to aggregate content from relevant partner sites into a one-stop shop for
the new sharing economy!

For more information on The WOW Agency:

For more information about their Faculty of Computing and the courses they have please see here:

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Sample SOP for MBA from London Metropolitan University in UK

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Business Administration in India is clearly at a point where it is set to become indispensable if the liberalization of the economy and expansion of consumer choice. The opening of the Indian economy, the markets have gradually become buyers’ markets. In India, market research is essentially used as a reactive tool, it is in the static stage; whereas, I feel that Business Administration should serve as a proactive tool, helping corporations optimize their functioning by bringing research into all marketing efforts, by integrating it into the long and short term marketing strategies and by involving the operational staff who actually carry out the work that can use informed research results. Business Administration often ends up being used as an isolated tool that gives a narrow picture of the past without giving a holistic view and an insight into the future.

The need of the hour are MBA professionals who are true managers – managers who have to facilitate a radical change in the way market research is looked upon today; very often as an activity done by a separate cell and an end in itself. I see myself, as a Business Administration professional, using research as an actionable tool, incorporating cutting edge methodologies, and getting the needed results while saving time and money. I want to turn it into a dynamic instrument, use it to feel the pulse of the market, make probabilistic predictions abut the market through sophisticated tools and ultimately get involved in product innovation and strategic planning.

To achieve this, I would like to gain exposure to the latest practices adopted by the trend makers in the field of market research and information systems. To this end, I would probably want to work with a leading international market research firm that would enable me to help corporations leverage their focus. I would like to bring this acquired expertise back to India, and use it to help companies to grow in the stiffly competitive market. I see market research as a sensitive and flexible instrument to be applied with insight, imagination and creativity.

Working at Adecco and then later at kotak mahindra bank as an assistant manager intern led me to realize the importance of market research to a company. At kotak mahindra bank I was part of a cross-functional team. It is here that I gained wide exposure to the tools of research design. At Adecco, I have worked as an efficient and effective coordinator throughout research processes and work directly with numerous researchers on a wide variety of projects. I have experience in research design, questionnaire development, analysis, writing and interpreting results and a range of quantitative and qualitative methods. I am proud to say that I am an enthusiastic individual with good people skills and enjoy working as a team player in a multi-task environment across department lines and organizational levels.

The ability to work in a fast paced setting with time sensitive jobs made my summer internship at Airtel a further step to learning. I was a part of a number of marketing promotions of the company on a local scale. My project on customer research on a key stock keeping unit required consumer profiling and a high degree of qualitative analysis through a study of buyer behavior using research tools like focus group interviews and perceptual mapping. Based on this study, I have planned and implemented marketing promotions to capture the home segment, within given budget constraints.

Apart from these, working on various school projects has given me varied experience on the basis of which I have decided that MBA in UK is where I would like to base my future. A career in MBA in London Metropolitan University would give me an opportunity to work across boundaries of industry definitions with a number of industries ranging from consumer goods to innovative communication and high tech markets.

I possess a broad-based management education. I believe that I require a sharply defined and focused course in marketing research. The expertise to analyze the marketing as well as the strategic problems faced by companies and implement corresponding solutions is what I want. An international exposure coupled with the immense opportunity in the Indian marketplace will help in breaking new ground in Indian marketing research.

I want to study in London Metropolitan University for Master of Business Administration for several reasons. The focused structure of the course will help me concentrate and work towards the attainment of my career goals. The internship provided within the Business Administration course work would help me gain exposure, insight, knowledge and hands-on experience with real time work environment. I am impressed with the quality of education provided by the university in terms of the well-structured curriculum and the recognized faculty. I look forward to shaping my career in the halls of London Metropolitan University in UK.

Sample SOP for MSc Pharmaceutical Science in UK

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Scientific research has its origin in a very fundamental human quality – “Curiosity”.

Hailing from a very educated family, the atmosphere at home proved to be a catalyst in my aspiration to do something substantial and exceptional in life. Right from my school days, life sciences as a subject has fascinated me and it seemed as if I had an innate liking and propensity towards the subject. My interest in the subject reflected in my marks. I scored 92.66% and 82.00% in science in X and XII standard respectively. My interest in life sciences gained during my Bachelor’s course when I chose Pharmaceutical Sciences as my area of study.

I knew that my dream of getting into the field of life sciences and getting associated with a noble cause i.e. saving lives by curing deadly diseases could only come true when I join the field of Pharmaceuticals. During my graduation I learned about the subjects like Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacognosy, Biochemistry, Biopharmaceutics in details.

I was exposed to all facets of Pharmaceutical Production during my four weeks industrial practical training at GLAXO SMITHKLINE, Nashik which is a multinational company and eight weeks at ARCO LIFESCIENCES, Nagpur which manufactures Parentral products. As part of my interest in recent advances I have attended the Indian Pharmaceutical Congress held at Pune and Chennai respectively which provided me the exposure to the recently developed technologies in drug science.

With research expertise and opportunities at your esteemed university I am more convinced with the MPharma course from London Metropolitan University in UK would enhance my career and help me carve a niche in 21st century and also a chance to serve my country for a better cause. I know that Graduate studies require great amount of discipline, diligence and dedication and I believe that my strong undergraduate training help me to cope with it. I hope my credentials are found worthy to get an admission with financial assistance in your in your institution.

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Sample SOP for MSc in Pharmaceutical Science in UK

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Doing an MSc from UK has always been my fantasy. I now believe MSc would add up to the value and growth to my professional career.

I am 25, heading a successful family business. I started my career at the age of 18 and I helped my brother in his business. He deals with Pharmaceutical products from the companies like Ranbaxy, Pfizer, Cipla, Cadila Health Care, Hoechst India Ltd., Nicholas and many more such companies. I learnt a lot from practical experiences. I am looking after all the financial matters of the company.

I enhanced my skills with the experience of running the business efficiently in a developing country like India. I can assure you if I’m given an opportunity to study in your esteemed University. I will try my level best to do well in London Metropolitan University and come out with flying colours.

I hope doing MSc from UK will provide me with the source of inspiration and knowledge that I need to succeed in life. Specifically, my goal with the MSc Pharmaceutical Science degree is to understand Pharma practice abroad, breaking the barriers to open new channels, develops my personality and be a part of a leading global corporation.

It is a strong belief in me and my family that UK studies have the best to offer in the whole world. If I get an opportunity to be a part of this international exposure I am sure my talents as well as my practical experience will help me to put my skills to optimal use.

I look forward to joining the London Metropolitan University.

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Sample SOP for MSc Construction Management from London Metropolitan University in UK

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“Nature has made occupation a necessity to us; Society makes a duty; Habit makes it a pleasure.”


I am an architecture graduate from MIET, Gondia Professional Studies Academy that provides best faculties & facilities in architecture. Bachelors’ degree in architecture is a five-year course, affiliated to Nagpur University & AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education). I wish to pursue my higher studies in Construction Management from London Metropolitan University commencing fall 2010.

Educational Background:

I would like to introduce myself as an active, diligent, optimistic and self-made person. As a kid I was fascinated with the buildings and wanted to make them. With each passing years, I realized that my career would be around the field that dealt with development of buildings. My interest for creating new dimensions and spreading my knowledge of creativity led me to select Architecture as my field of higher studies.

As a student of Architecture, I was introduced to the world of Graphic designing, Conceptual Design, Detailing, 3 Dimensional Conceptualization.

During my six month of professional training in the fifth year of my studies, I got the biggest break of my life when I joined one of the biggest and world-renowned Architectural consultancy firm of Mumbai, M/s Pheroze Kudianwala Consultancy Pvt Ltd. Working with the father of high rise buildings in Mumbai gave me the first insight into corporate Architecture. Their I got the chance to be a part of design team of several high Profile project like K.D.Malaviya oil museum in Guwahati , office building of securities and exchange board of India in Mumbai, UNIWORLD in Dubai, Mass Housing for TATA India in Mumbai, multi storied Head Quarter for Bank of Baroda in Mumbai.

There I realized that construction field-tests my brains with different level of questions each day. Each passing day brought in more opportunities to learn, explore, and stretch my capacity to work & on top of that it involves a lot of fieldwork, unlike other fields where monotony governs in working environment & tasks both. Though I found myself to be suitable to work in construction field but it was required to give a direction to my interest. It involves a wide variety of challenges and an accelerating factor that something new, unique & functional will come up in end.

“You can’t do things differently until you see things differently”

Why shift from architecture to construction management:

Architecture a science based on aesthetics and functions of building, involves factors like sociology and psychology, but it stands basically on the process of construction, design and structure. Materialization of those aesthetics & functions occur when proper management of construction, design & structures is done.

I’ve been associated with the construction field for a couple of years & had done various tasks ranging from drafting, designing and site supervising. I had worked as trainee architect then assistant architect and now I am working as a Project Architect. And during my exposure to profession, I realized the importance of management in the process of construction. My education as an architect is helping me to deal only with the designing aspect of the process of construction of a building and when it comes to management I realized my education is inadequate. And here I felt the need to become a construction manager. I realized that a construction manager had to be ‘a master of all’ kind of person & parallel to it should possess core knowledge of project management. In my opinion this course will broaden my perspective of multi-functional aspects of construction business, contract management and related subjects, and equip myself with the knowledge and skills to exercise higher managerial responsibilities successfully. Moreover, the need of managerial positions in construction industry is at a steep rise, which reinforces my decision to pursue a research-oriented career in construction management.

“One can because one thinks one can”

My Extra-Curricular Activities:

All through my school and college life I have played an active role in extra-curricular activities. I enjoyed taking part in debates, extempore, dances etc. I always was at the forefront in organizing different events in school as well as the colleges. I was on the editor of the college magazine ‘Ankur’. Writing is one of my hobbies and I take pleasure in reading and keeping myself a best of latest technical developments in construction industry .I also have a keen interest in photography and I had organized many photography exhibitions during my years in architectural school. I had presented papers in NASA conventions (national association of students of architecture) and I had won prizes on my papers related to environmental architecture, low cost housing techniques, Importance of management in architecture, vernacular architecture in India. I am enclosing one such paper. I had been participating in lot of students design competitions during my years of under graduate studies and had won IIA design trophy (Indian Institute of Architects) and Ganu memorial design trophy for Two years continuously. I was an active participant in design competitions held by National Association of Students of Architecture. I love playing basketball, tennis and chess.

Academic interests, future education & career plans:

The curriculum of architecture exposed me to various components of construction industry & helped me broaden my horizon. The subjects whom I thoroughly enjoyed were Design, Construction, Building Services, Building Management, Building Economics & Sociology, Estimating & Costing, Site Survey, Building Materials, and Specification of Works etc. I always emphasize on the practical aspects of the subjects & enjoy a lot on project sites.

As my area of interest is in the field of Building management, the high-rise mass housing project I did in 4th year was accompanied with the details including Estimating, Scheduling, and Project Controls involving PERT, CPM, WBS, etc. Along with these I now wanted to explore about-Advance Building Management, Computer Applications in CM, Safety management, Land development etc. to furnish my mind to think and perform with a good university like you in UK. It is my firm belief that if the principles of construction management are extended in construction industry, it would result in an overall profitable, economical, safer, qualitative & speedy construction. I want to see myself as a remarkable contributor in the construction industry, which would be for the betterment of the society. Keeping in view my background and career plans, I would prefer a research assistantship but I would also like to have teaching experience. I have studied in English medium through out and have had teaching experience, which makes me confident that I would be a successful teaching assistant.

The actions of men are like the index of a book; they point out what is most remarkable in them.

Why I wish to study MSc Construction Management from London Metropolitan University in UK:

My undergraduate studies has burgeoned my interest in research. A graduate program from London Metropolitan University would help me in increasing my technical understanding of the subject and in widening my perspective of life. I wish to acquire practical information and knowledge about the most modern techniques in construction field and apply them for the betterment. The well-designed course along with highly qualified and experienced faculty will be an ideal environment & platform for achieving my goals. I look upon the graduate program in your department & its curriculum as an avenue to hone my skills and enhance my intellectual ability. In all, it is a comprehensive university that furnishes an education that will serve me well in my career and prepare me for a lifetime of learning.

“If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”

I thank you for considering my application & assure you that if given an opportunity; I shall bring credit to your institution.

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