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Sample LOR for MSc in Computer Science in UK

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Graduate Admission Committee,

This is with regard to Mr. Hanish, who is applying at your university for graduate studies. I have known Hanish since his third year as an undergraduate student and have taught him the subject of “Business Information System” in the fifth semester and as a project guide of his Final year Bachelors project.

During my association with Hanish Patel, I had an opportunity to observe him closely. I found him to be consistent, hardworking with a methodical and logical approach in his studies. His assignment work was outstanding. In his class he was very sincere and regular and had a keenness and willingness to learn. His understanding of various commands and concepts in COBOL language was indeed remarkable.

One particular quality of his, which stands out, is his extremely logical approach to any task he undertakes. This is demonstrated by the way he does programming in COBOL language and the way in which he mastered the key skills required for the subject. I also guided him for his Final year project named “DS TRISOMY DETECTION” which involved key aspects of Computer Science i.e. programming which was implemented on JAVA. The project was regarding the detection of child retardation before the birth of a child. I was astonished to imagine that his team work has made such a different project regarding detection of child retardations. It was his keenness which enabled him to make such a unique project successful.

I will place Hanish in the top 10-15% students of his class. In view of Hanish inherent potential, his strong determination and persistence, I feel that he is a fit candidate to pursue higher studies. Hence, I strongly endorse his application for admission in University of Wolverhampton for MSc in Computer Science.  I wish him success for his future endeavors.

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