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Admissions Open for BSc in Business & Management Studies at University of Bradford in UK via IILM College

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IILM College collaborated with University of Bradford, UK to offer three year, full time Undergraduate Degrees in the area of Business Management. The Undergraduate School at IILM follows the same program structure given by the University of Bradford.

The University of Bradford awards offered in collaboration with IILM are of an equivalent standard to UK based awards as evidenced by both Internal Quality Assured processes of the University, and externally by the UK Quality Assurance Agency (QAA). IILM Institute for Higher Education currently has over 1400 students, making it one of the largest business student communities in India. Also the University of Bradford degree awarded by IILM COLLEGE is equivalent to the honors degree of Delhi University.

This course offers specialization in: Accounting and Finance, Marketing, Business and Management Studies.

In addition to the curriculum for the three year B.Sc (Hons) degree, IILM also offers various modules such as Stock Market, Foreign Language ,Business Communication ,Family Owned Business ,Management 360 degree ,Theatre ,Photography ,Yoga ,Dance as value addition to the

Some Benefits of International Degree at IILM College
•Save up to 70% of total fee and living costs.
•Study in India, and get the same degree from Bradford University, recognized and accepted world over.
•Bradford Degree equivalent to the Honors Degree of Delhi University.
•Transfer Facility : provides an opportunity to students to transfer to leading universities in the USA and the UK after completing 1 or 2 year at IILM
•Safe Environment: IILM offers a very safe and conducive environment for learning.
•Recognization of the Programme

International Transfers– IILM College provides an opportunity to students to transfers to leading universities in the USA and the UK after completing 1 or 2 years at IILM. The International office at IILM encourages and helps students to gain exposure with universities abroad. It offers a wide range of services from advising students seeking an international education, to accessing information and finally getting admission for the interested students. The undergraduate business program has a strong international orientation and is designed to attract students with an interest in European and
World Affairs.

Study Abroad Programme- The study abroad trip is a unique blend of academics and industry experience. As part of the programme, students visit UK, France and parts of Europe where they will visit our partner universities, multinationals and interact with business leaders. The trip also includes guided tours, theatre, entertainment events to help students understand the art and culture of the country visited. One of the goals of the study abroad programme is to train future global leaders to be more effective, culturally aware and respectful of other political and economic systems.

Summer Schools-The Summer School programme, is a unique educational experience as it inculcates responsibility with independence. It provides great international exposure and helps in widening the student’s horizon. During the summer, classes tend to be smaller, thus enabling students and faculty to get to know each other personally and work closely together. Students can access world class faculty and infrastructure in those universities. They can choose from a wide range of subjects offered by these business schools and have the flexibility of studying another paper from their existing stream or pursue a passion like photography, music, literature etc. Courses are intensive and specialized in nature. The duration of the Summer session is 6-10 weeks at the university campus.

Presently IILM has tie ups with the following universities: London School of Economics,U.K, University of California, Berkeley, USA, Grenoble Graduate School of Business, France.

Further Studies – At IILM provide our students with the unique opportunity of pursuing and acquiring an internationally accredited and accepted degree. One of the many benefits of holding an international degree is the ease of pursuing higher studies in any college or university in the United Kingdom or other countries worldwide. The University of Bradford is recognized across the globe and should a student wish to obtain a masters degree from a global university we at IILM are here to provide counseling services for your future plans and help resolve any queries that you may have. The international office at IILM helps and encourages students to gain exposure from Universities abroad. To encourage the students in becoming true global citizens we have partnered with the several universities.

Eligibility: Prospective candidates seeking admission to the undergraduate programs of the institute should have completed 13 years of education under the Indian Education system (CSBE or ICSE) or any equivalent Board in India or overseas, with English and Mathematics at the class X level. Candidates from abroad should have completed their A levels (under the British system).

Selection Procedure: The students are screened on the basis of marks obtained in class XII and X (a minimum average of 55% in class XII and 50% in class X). Students, who qualify the above, need to appear for an extensive interview conducted by IILM-COLLEGE followed by an Aptitude test. The course is application oriented and seeks students with well rounded personalities demonstrating leadership ability with
a sense of responsibility. The decision of the admission committee will be binding and final.

Interview: The admission to this program is contingent on an extensive interview process. Therefore after the analysis of your application on the basis of the below mentioned criteria, you will need to appear for a personal interview. The interview process is of exploratory in nature where the panels seeks out the strengths of each candidate and tries to match the profile of the prospective candidate to the course.

IILM College has initiated a drive in which they are providing the most deserving students to study at IILM College and avail the scholarship schemes for most deserving and meritorious students of class XII to avail 100% Tuition fee waiver. School Counselor can also recommend the students for 50% Tuition fee waiver.
The details of the scholarships are also mentioned below:
Scholarships* / Waivers
– Above 95% in class XIIth – 100% Tuition fee waiver
– Above 85% in class XIIth – 50% Tuition fee waiver
– Sports quota scholarships for national / zonal level players – 10%
Tuition fee waiver

– Tuition fee waiver of Rs. 50,000/- each year for girl students

Students can fill up the application form available at the university’s website.

Make your future bright with BSc Honours in Business & Management Studies at New Bradford University in UK with the help of IILM college!

Want to get admission in IILM? Fill out this query form for more information.

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Find Your Choice of Foundation and Pre Masters Courses for May 2011 in UK

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If you wish to study in UK, then you perhaps would be familiar with the concept of foundation courses and pre masters courses in UK. These courses are taken by those students who have studied in anon British study curriculum but would like to earn their degree from UK.

Foundation study programmes are for students wishing to join graduate programmes in UK while pre masters courses are to prepare the students wishing to enroll onto master study programmes in UK.

The list is out for such courses for the month of May 2011.

The below listed Foundation and Pre Masters Courses are offered in May 2011

Courses available for the May intake 2011

Sheffield International College

FC Science & Engineering (Maths & Science) 3 Term
GD Business, Law, Social Sciences 3 Term

Liverpool International College
FC Business, Law, Social Sciences/ Science & Engineering (Maths and Science) 3 Term
GD Business, Law, Social Sciences/ Science & Engineering 3 Term

Kaplan International College Bournemouth
International Foundation Certificate (Business)
Pre-masters/ Pre-MBA

Glasgow International College
Pre-Masters Business, Social Sciences, Law/ Science & 3 Term

Kaplan International College London
FC Business, Law, Social Sciences/ Science & Engineering 3 Term
GD Business, Law, Social Sciences 2 Term (progression to business degrees at
Westminster only) – Fast track option!
GD Business Law, Social Sciences 3 Term
GD Science & Engineering 3 Term

Nottingham Trent International College
FC Business, Law, Social Sciences/ Art & Design/ Computing/Media &
Communications 3 Term
Diploma Business/ Computing 3 Term – Fast track option!
GD Business/ Computing/ Gallery Museum & Heritage Management/ International
Relations/ Journalism, Media & Communications / Legal Studies

If you need more information just contact the expert counselors at Future Defined!

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Top UK Universities Acts as Savior for International Students for Second Masters in UK

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Indian students wishing to pursue MBA after doing their masters in UK can finally let a sigh of relief. In a recent turn of events, the top UK universities who are member of UUK [ universities UK] an apex body of Britain’s top most universities came out in full support for international students wishing to pursue their second masters in UK.

According to the new proposed rules by the British government, it was being made a little rigid for the post graduate students in UK to get their MBA degree also from UK. But according to a statement issued by the UUK chief executive Nicola Dandridge, things will become easier for the students now. The British government has withdrawn its earlier designed new rules thus making it accessible for the Indian students to apply for their second masters in the top universities of UK.

As a matter of fact, the statement made by Dandridge ‘continue to be able to move from a master’s course to an MBA’ clearly indicates the amount of support an Indian student would get from these highly famous universities of UK.

According to the British proposed new rules, a student pursuing his master’s degree from UK can move to the second master’s degree only if the university showcases that the second master’s degree is an academic advancement.

For example, a student earning his masters degree in Economics from London School of Economics and Political Science [LSE] can join MBA programme at London School of Business and Finance College [LSBF] only if LSBF endorses the fact that this MBA degree is an academic progression.

There has been tension and a certain degree of unrest amongst Indian students since UK government came out with its rigid set of new rules for student visa. However, with the current turn of events and support shown by UUK will lay all their worries to rest and give them another shot at earning their MBA degree from UK only.

UUK or Universities UK currently consists of 133 member universities including the entire world’s highly ranked names like The Cambridge University, Oxford, London Business School, LSE, Imperial College and many more. Incidentally all the above top rung universities of UK are a favorite amongst Indian students.

Apply now for your student visa for UK and get a chance to earn not only one but two masters in UK in your desired college!

Best Overseas Consultants for UK in Delhi- Benefits for Students

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Before coming down to the importance of competent overseas consultants for UK in Delhi, let’s mull over the fact that why a student chooses UK for its higher studies? Following will throw light on this subject

•Global exposure and a chance to become a global citizen as well
•Get sound knowledge of advanced technology
•a chance to mingle with various cultures of the world under a single roof of UK

With so many reasons compelling students from all over the world including India to study in UK, it becomes far more important to lay out your cards well on the table. After all, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the chance of a lifetime! It is thus very essential to select the help of an experienced overseas consultant who are expert in sending students to UK.

Most of you will be quite relieved to know that help is right nearby to you in Delhi, the heart and capital of India. The metropolitan city is known for its keen sense of growth and rapid globalization. You can find some of the best overseas consultants for UK in Delhi only.

One of such consultants is Future Defined located at a favorable location amongst all the famous commercial complexes in the heart of Delhi. The overseas consultants who have been in existence for quite a while now have managed to establish a secure place for themselves amongst some of the top consultants for UK in Delhi city.

Reasons why Future Defined is one of the best overseas consultants for UK in Delhi

Consultants at Future Defined make it a point to guide your career through all the nooks and turns to arrive at a fruitful decision. A student can take their help in choosing the right career path for himself along with the best universities in UK.

There is a lot of hassle while getting admitted to a university or college abroad. With the help of these overseas consultants for UK, one can know the fee structure, payment method along with total estimated expense with an ease.

When you apply for visa approval for UK, chances are it might get rejected. But if you go through Future Defined, you will have a 99.9% chance of getting a visa approval without any hassle. The consultants at Future Defied provide required visa assistance in filing the right document with careful filing of documents.

An overseas consultant for UK will let you know the total estimated cost of studying in UK which included the fees of the university or college and living expenses incurred while staying in UK. This would give you a right idea about how to plan your budget. Also, consultants notify you about the amount of funds to be shown in the embassy for visa approval.

Future defined have tie ups with various renowned universities and colleges of UK like LSBF, Ravensbourne college of Design and Communication, Eurospeak college, Nottingham Trent University etc. a student can thus secure accommodation when he or she applies through future defined for colleges and universities in UK.

•Future defined overseas consultants for UK not only guide you through the whole admission and visa process for studying in UK but also provide you help in securing part time work opportunities while your stay in UK.

To make your future more defined, contact right now Future Defined, one of the best overseas consultants for UK in Delhi!

UK Announces Visa Cuts for Non EU Students-The Competition Rises for Indian Aspirants

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In an announcement that was as expected as it was the monsoon rains, UK government declared that it would be cutting down the number of Visa issued to Non EU students coming to study in UK. The government would bring down the student visas issued by a large amount up to 80,000 an year.

This decision has come in light of the rise in abuse of study in UK route as an easy method of migration into the country. This has caused serious reasons of worry to the British government since quite some time now.

It had made its concerns public earlier too on various occasions and this decision in visa cuts for Non EUs was dreaded by many especially India and China who are going to be most affected by it.

According to Indian stats, there are around 34,000 students pursuing studies in UK at present. British data which takes into account sub-graduates also show more than 50,000 Indian students studying in UK, the second largest after the population of Chinese students in UK.

The UK government has made its target quite clear. It wants to ensure that only serious students get admission into genuine colleges of UK and put a stop to all the bogus degree awarding institutions of the country.

This would also reflect in the work permit granted to post graduate students. Only those Non EU students who posses offer of skilled jobs from sponsoring employers will be allowed to stay back in UK.

The number of studying opportunities for Indian students will in indeed become limited after the decision came out on last Tuesday. Indian government though apprehensive about this decision has shown its full support to the British government.

Home Secretary Theresa May affirmed that they too like UK wants to maintain the quality of education. The students should be able to go to UK colleges but only those with a fair chance who wish to study in genuine courses.

UK government is hoping to bring down the number of Non EU immigrants from 2, 00,000 [in 2010] to tens of thousands by the year 2015.

Not surprisingly enough, UK universities have shown their disapproval over this decision. After all, it would cut down into their annual income of rupees 30 trillion amounting from foreign students alone.

If you wish to study in UK, then don’t waste your time. To ensure you get a seat in your desired college of UK, contact offices of Future Defined, one of the leading overseas consultants of Delhi.

Kate Pepper English School: An Overview

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Kate Pepper English School which goes by the name of The English Language Centre is located in Reading a town just 25 minutes drives away from London. It is a small language school which caters to the needs of over 100 international students per batch throughout the year.

The year is divided into three terms and one can choose from a variety of English language courses starting from the intermediate to advanced level.

The school which was set up in the year 1984 has been accredited by Accreditation Body for Language Services (ABLS), a member of the Association of British Language Schools and is Grade A Tier 4 Sponsor licensed. It can be searched in the UK Border Agency Register of Sponsors.

Located in the quaint conservation area in the centre of reading town, it is just a 5 minute walk away from the Oracle Central shopping area. The English Language Centre or TELC College is an accredited centre for University of Cambridge ESOL examinations that are held by the college for their own as well students from various other language centers in Berkshire and nearby areas! The maximum class size is 18 students.

The English Language Centre by Kate Pepper is the examination centre for following exams
• Business English
• BEC Preliminary (Intermediate)
• BEC Vantage (First Certificate)
• BEC Higher (Advanced/Proficiency)

• 2 storyed building with grade II listing
• 4 classrooms
• 8 member staff of experienced teachers
• Internet access in all the study rooms
• TV/Video
• Kitchen
• Flexible private tuitions for individuals or small groups on request
• Language tuition classes for local businessmen from intermediate to proficient level

The school offers to provide assistance to its students in the form of
• Homestay [ from 2 weeks to one year]
• Renting house
• Flat sharing
• Hotels

London Gatewick Airport– direct 1 ½ hours train service from airport to Reading station.

London Heathrow Airport– ½ hour RailAir bus service to Reading.

London Stansted Airport-train from airport to Liverpool Station, then underground train to Paddington station and finally the train to Reading station. It takes about 2 ¼ hours.

Enrollment is free in the college. One can book their course through email to the college and fill put the requisite details into their application form. Fee payment structure varies from part time to full time students.

• General English
• Business English
• DELTA diploma [ teacher training]
• CELTA [ teacher training]

students are awarded certificates at the end of their course completion. In addition, University of Cambridge awards its certificate upon the completion of its examinations mentioned above.

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University Tutorial College: An Overview

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University Tutorial College is located on Friar Street just few minutes’ walk away from the railways station in the Reading Town near to London.

The college is a self acclaimed training and education centre for acquiring British professional qualifications like the Association of Business Executives (ABE), Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), Pitman Qualifications, City & Guilds, International Air Transport Association (IATA), British Computer Society (BCS), Virgin Atlantic.

In addition to it, the college also prepares students for various university degrees at both bachelor’s as well master’s level. University Tutorial College offers courses which cater to specialized professional, vocational and language fields. UTC in reading UK is accredited by British Accreditation Council [BAC] as well as on Department for Education and Skills [DfES] register of tuition providers implying UTC is a bona fide private education institute.

•Experienced staff
•Systematic monitoring of courses
•Up to date theories and study materials
•Modern computing facilities
•Availability of University Tutorial College intranet for students and professors on campus as well as off campus accessible through UTC email id
•Tuotor’s notes, handouts for various courses, discussion boards, photo gallery etc. available through UTC Intranet
•Well equipped library
•Small class size
•Exam oriented tuitions
•Equality of opportunities

Appropriate accommodation facilities for students who come from all over the world.

The college is just few minutes walk away from the Reading Central railway Station.

Send the application form after filling it up with supporting documents to the college through post. One can also download the form and check for prospectus and term dates on the college’s website. The overseas students are expected to pay their fees in two installments.


Professional courses

Business Studies & Marketing
•Business Studies

•BCS Professional Examination
•Business Information Systems [BIS]

Travel & Tourism
•Virginia Atlantic Fares & Ticketing
•Reservation Systems

Vocational courses
Computing & Computer Technology
•Diploma for IT Users
•Diploma for Software Developers
•ICT Systems Support CompTIA A+ IT Technician
•Advanced Diploma for IT Users
•Advanced Diploma for Software Developers
•Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP, MCSE, MCSE, MCDBA)

Language courses
•English as a foreign language

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ELC College: An Overview!

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English Language Courses College in Reading is in existence since 1973. Although it was then established by principal Mr. S Mc Burning under the name The Language Learning Centre [ LLC]. Interestingly, the college was established in the same year as Britain joined European Union i.e. EU.

The college is accredited by ABLS [The Association of British Language Schools] and licensed by UKBA Tier 4 Grad rating.

The college offers English language courses ranging from General, Academic as well as Business English programmes. ELC claims proudly to prepare their students from 35 years for major examinations like Cambridge, London Chamber of Commerce along with TOEFL and IELTS preparation.

Students from over 1 different nationalities make ELC their home for mastering the art of English language. The college focuses on an overall development of the individual with the help of their accomplished band of teachers who are well qualified in latest methods, ideas and study materials!

While your stay at ELC one also can delve in the scenic beauty of this popular town and enjoy its various hang out spots like The Jazz Club, Utopia, The Oracle and many more.

The college provides accommodation with selected host families or offer guest houses, B&B, single or double rooms or even hotel accommodation.


From Heathrow airport
Direct service to Reading by rail/air. It takes just 45 minutes.
Or take a coach from Central Bus Station from airport only.

From Gatwick airport
Take a train under the airport. It takes 2.5 hours to reach reading

From London City Airport
It falls in the west part of England and not used often by students to reach reading.
Besides there is London Paddington train that drops you at Reading station in exactly 25 minutes.


General English Courses, Business English, Academic English courses
Levels– beginner to advanced/high intermediate
Classes– weekdays and special mornings and evening classes 2 days a week for part time students
Class size– average of 7 students per class

Graded certificate of attendance at the end of the course!

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Is it Safe to Join B Rated College?

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Whenever a student decided to choose a college, he always aspires to get admitted into the best of the lot! Of course it matters a lot while building your career path in future. A renowned university or college can make a whole lot difference to your job application and reputation as a potential candidate. But it is impractical to consider that everyone can get a seat in their desired college in UK!

There is always the option to get admitted into a B rated college in UK. But many students feel apprehensive before taking a step in that direction. After all this is your career at stake. So what can you do? Either waste a year in applying to your number one top notch college again or secure a seat in the second best option and makes the best of your situation?

Before narrowing down a college which has B rating, it would be better to conduct some research into its background and check for yourself if the goal of the college is really in sync with yours!

Historical background check
Make a detailed research into knowing the history of the college in UK you are applying to. Make sure you get information about the infrastructure at the college, teacher student ratio, academic achievements, placement records etc.

Academic socio environment
It is very important for a student to know whether the college harbors a true cut throat academic environment focused solely on theoretical knowledge or it gives value to over all development of a student. The social scene of the college also plays a major role in decision making as one has to spend a certain amount of their life within this environment alone!

Check the companies visiting the college campus and their reputation. Also make sure to know about the packages being offered to the alumni and whether your desired course related companies visit the college or not.

Education standards
See for yourself whether the college offers specialized courses in your desired subject. The teachers play an important part in shaping a student’s career. Thus experienced and empathic faculty is a must have on every student’s wish list!

A B rated college in UK is still is college well in United Kingdom one of the most sought after study destinations of the world. If you make a fair background check on the list of B colleges in UK you would be surprised to find most of them making your wish list. They are good enough places to finish up your studies as most of them are in alliance with one or two renowned UK universities.

Colleges like Eurospeak in Reading [near London] which have been in existence quite a while now have successfully built a sound reputation over the years for committed teaching and healthy guidance. So don’t get disheartened if you can’t get a seat in London School of Commerce, there is always another B rated college like Eurospeak located in UK waiting for you!

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MBA in UK Colleges- A Great Investment


MBA in UK colleges is a far better deal in today’s competitive times. It has become quite a close call for a position in any field of work. An MBA degree these days has become as common as a pea. However, there is one thing that still counts i.e. the place of study.

UK is a reputed name in the education field. Its courses and colleges are famous throughout the world for their competitive streak and international standards. An entry into a MBA college in UK will guarantee you an enhanced chance of decent job with fat package in any place of the world.

UK colleges boast of excellent study curriculum with line of experienced teachers who are expert in their respective fields. Herein, students get international exposure which helps a lot in building their future careers. Many students prefer to study in the personalized environment of a college as compared to the boisterous study experience in a big UK university.

UK is known for its high end companies and there are strings of work opportunities in every field. The work training granted to students in their MBA courses in UK colleges helps them understand the nuisances of working in the real business world!

Granted one would find the tuition fees quite high as compared to some of the MBA courses offered in their home country. But it is all an investment in the end which will pay off high dividends in the form of good jobs and acclaimed positions in the international business world.

Many of the UK colleges like London School of Commerce, London School Of Business & Finance, Finance Business Training school, Finance Management and Business School etc. take a large number of international students in their MBA courses every year.

The best way to judge a college in UK is to rate them according to budget, location, courses, work training and affiliated universities. Most of the colleges in UK rank high on all the five counts. As a matter of fact, an average MBA school in UK charges round £7,000-£10,000_ £5,000 [living expenses]. It is still quite affordable as compared to fees charged by private institutes round the world.

Thus, it is advisable to join a MBA in a UK college which will improve their chances of securing a successful career!

Want to Study in a College/University in UK? Fill out this contact form for free advice.

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