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MSc Project Management at London Metropolitan University Starting this September

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There was only one thing missing from making London Metropolitan University a number one choice amongst international students i.e. the absence of masters in Project Management programme. Now the university has managed to get even MSc Project Management in their kitty full of undergrad, post grad, professional and various other English and foreign language courses.

Starting this September, London Metropolitan University would be introducing MSc in Project Management study programme which would give graduates a chance to formulate their careers in the right direction.

This MSc in Project Management is aimed at graduates and experienced managers building academic qualifications and early-career graduates building experience to develop their careers.

Studying Project Management empowers experienced managers and equips early-career managers to meet the challenges of the future global economy, a world of rapidly changing risks and complexity requiring assured decision-making.

Developed in partnership with industry leaders, the Project Management Institute PMI and the Association of Project Managers APM, the MSc ensures excellence in professional project management. This programme also works closely with international standards and governance organizations, including BSI , ISO and ANSI and researchers based at London Metropolitan Business School: the Cities Institute, the Centre for International Business and Sustainability (CIBS and the Security Industry observatory (SIO).

Experienced managers develop their team-leadership skills and early-career graduates develop their technology skills to fulfill requirements for professional bodies. Membership of thesebodies is available at discounted rates. This MSc navigates students to professional accreditation. On completion, students will be equipped with state of the art knowledge and practice and in a position to influence the strategic direction of their current employment as well as being able to progress on research through to PhDs, DBAs or professional doctorates.

The MSc is taught in the City of London at Moorgate Campus, next to the Crossrail transport link, one of the largest “project management” infrastructure developments in Europe. We
also work in partnership with many companies and organizations. We anticipate dissertations will be written in collaboration with participants’ own organizations, and with our partners, research institutes and centers.

The course is designed for graduates of a range of disciplines. Work experience in project management is an advantage but not a requirement.

The course structure includes

Project Management Fundamentals

Project Management Systems and Practice

Project Management Finance and Risk

Project Management Organization and Behavior

Elective module – from the post-graduate catalogue

Research methods


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London- Still a Preferred Choice of Many Students

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Before saying anything on the subject as to why London is a preferred choice of majority of international students, let’s find out whether London is a preferred choice of international students at all?
Here have a look at these student data from various countries for UK colleges and Universities till 2008-2009
• China 50,755
• India 19,205
• Greece 17,675
• Republic of Ireland 16,790
• USA 14,755
• Germany 13,265
• France 12,455
• Malaysia 11,450
• Nigeria 9,605
• Hong Kong 9,445

It takes care of the second question for us. So let’s come back to the first question and try to find out the reasons behind the popularity of London as the preferred study destination for most of the world

•London as everyone knows is also known as the financial capital of the world. So it is quite natural that a student would be inclined to study here due to the presence of renowned organizations, banks and firms here in fact more than 108 world famous organizations can be found in London alone.

•The university or college that you choose to study will obviously be having some connections with local companies and firms in London. This would give you a chance to score some firsthand work experience with the help of your university or college in London.

•London houses more than 900,000 students from 200 countries. This gives you a golden chance to interact and mingle with different cultures.

•As London is such a dynamic place, a student is exposed to lots of activities here. One can go sightseeing t places like BIG Ben, Buckingham Palace or just enjoy its various offering like west end shows, football matches etc.

•Industries in London range from IT to business & finance to hospitality to entertainment to sports and many more. One can easily enter a career of their choice.

Post graduate courses in London, UK are only of one year duration and a student is also given an option of an extension of his stay in UK for 2 years after the completion of his course under PSW.

•There are many lucrative job opportunities than anywhere else in UK. A student can build up quite an impressive resume here.

•Whether be it the Oxford University or the Cambridge University or nay other known name, London is brimming with internationally recognized names in the education market.

•After the completion of your course, you can very well see yourself settling down here and build a permanent address here.

•Being a student in London does have its own perks with various discounts and special offer son shopping, dining, studying, books etc available for them

Do you still need a reason to know why students prefer London!

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