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Changes in Maintenance of Funds for UK Tier 4 (General) Student Visa

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UKBA has changed the maintenance of the funds required for TIER 4 student Visa. These changes would come in effect from April 2012. The details are as explained below.   


Category Existing level of funds required New level of funds required
Tier 4 (General) Students • Inner London – £800 per month, up to a maximum of 9 months (£7,200) Inner London – £1,000 per month, up to a maximum of 9 months (£9,000)
  • Outer London / rest of UK – £600 per month, up to a maximum of 9 months (£5,400) • Outer London / rest of UK – £800 per month, up to a maximum of 9 months (£7,200)
Dependants of Tier 4 (General) Students Inner London – £533 per month, up to a maximum of 9 months (£4,797) Inner London – £600 per month, up to a maximum of 9 months (£5,400)
  • Outer London / rest of UK – £400 per month, up to a maximum of 9 months (£3,600) Outer London / rest of UK – £450 per month, up to a maximum of 9 months (£4,050)


So now the student needs to show £1,000 per month, up to a maximum of 9 months (£9,000) for innerLondon and £800 per month, up to a maximum of 9 months (£7,200) for Outer London.

Please update this to your students who are planning to go to UK after April 2012.

Part time work rights in UK for applications after July

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Are you applying to a private college and want to work part time during your studies. In that case we advise you to get your CAS issued from the college latest by end of June! All applications to private colleges from July onwards will not be able to undertake part time work.

Also, colleges running earn & learn courses can still have 50% study and 50% work placement till the end of June, after which they have to increase the study part to 66%.

On the other hand it is a great time to apply for Private colleges in UK as many have slashed their course fee to offer their students this special convenience. So many use of this and apply asap to enjoy the same benefits.

Are you within the UK and are looking for an extension? Well you still face the same regulations, hence it is recommended that even if you have time left on your visa, you get your CAS issued before July for your new course.

So whether you are in UK or in India, leading UK education consultants Future Defined can help you. Put in your query for more information.

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MSc Robotics and MSc Embedded Systems Introduced at Sheffield Hallam; University Closure Dates Out For The Month!

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Sheffield Hallam University in UK just made some striking announcements. Check out below to match them with your application schedule!

Undergraduate course closures for UK and EU students
Due to a large number of applications, a number of the university’s undergraduate courses are now closed to UK and EU students.

The majority of these courses and others across the university are still open to international students.
One can check out the whole list at the university’s official website.

Update from the Faculty of Arts, Computing, Engineering and Sciences
The Faculty of ACES are now offering 2 new postgraduate courses for September 2011 entry – MSc Robotics and MSc Embedded Systems.

MSc Robotics
Robotics integrates the disciplines of control, mechanics, software and signal processing. This course provides an integrated set of modules that will provide you with the ability to design and exploit robotic systems in a range of manufacturing and industrial applications alongside staff from the Centre for Automation and Robotics Research (CARR) at Sheffield Hallam University.

Tuition fees – Home and EU students are typically £4,320 and International students are typically £10,080

English Language requirements– at least IELTS 6.0

MSc Embedded Systems
Embedded systems are designed to operate within and interact with the physical world, often with a real-time operating constraint. Typical application areas for such systems include consumer electronics, aerospace and automotive engineering as well as medical equipment. This course will equip you with a deep understanding of the underpinning technologies allowing you to select the most appropriate implementation technologies for a particular application.

Tuition fees – Home and EU students are typically £4,320 and International students are typically £10,080

English Language requirements– at least IELTS 6.0

Visa Information Update
The government has recently published changes to the immigration rules for students and their dependants. The new rules come into force on April 21st 2011.

Also, further to the previous Agent Bulletin, CAS statements have now been amended to include further information, such as full name, passport info, and level of study to assist with the applicants’ visa.

Free Airport Pick Up Service
Sheffield Hallam University now offers a free airport pick up service for students from Manchester Airport. The pre-booked service pick-up service dates and times are as follows-

Pre-sessional English courses starting on 4th July – a pick up service will be provided between 2nd and 3rd July from 9:00am until 5:00pm

Pre-sessional English courses starting on 8th August – a pick up service will be provided between 6th and 7th August from 9:00am until 5:00pm

There will also be services available for courses starting in September between Monday 5th September and Tuesday 13th September from 9.00am until 5.00pm.

This free service will make the students’ arrival in the United Kingdom much easier; they will also meet other new students and be taken directly to their accommodation.

It is important that students register for the service at least one week prior to their arrival by using the online registration form which is available at the university website!

University Closure
Please note that the university is closed for Easter holidays, a Royal wedding and May Day as follows in April and May:

22nd April Good Friday
25th and 26th April Easter Monday and Tuesday
29th April Royal Wedding
2nd May May Day

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Top UK Universities Acts as Savior for International Students for Second Masters in UK

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Indian students wishing to pursue MBA after doing their masters in UK can finally let a sigh of relief. In a recent turn of events, the top UK universities who are member of UUK [ universities UK] an apex body of Britain’s top most universities came out in full support for international students wishing to pursue their second masters in UK.

According to the new proposed rules by the British government, it was being made a little rigid for the post graduate students in UK to get their MBA degree also from UK. But according to a statement issued by the UUK chief executive Nicola Dandridge, things will become easier for the students now. The British government has withdrawn its earlier designed new rules thus making it accessible for the Indian students to apply for their second masters in the top universities of UK.

As a matter of fact, the statement made by Dandridge ‘continue to be able to move from a master’s course to an MBA’ clearly indicates the amount of support an Indian student would get from these highly famous universities of UK.

According to the British proposed new rules, a student pursuing his master’s degree from UK can move to the second master’s degree only if the university showcases that the second master’s degree is an academic advancement.

For example, a student earning his masters degree in Economics from London School of Economics and Political Science [LSE] can join MBA programme at London School of Business and Finance College [LSBF] only if LSBF endorses the fact that this MBA degree is an academic progression.

There has been tension and a certain degree of unrest amongst Indian students since UK government came out with its rigid set of new rules for student visa. However, with the current turn of events and support shown by UUK will lay all their worries to rest and give them another shot at earning their MBA degree from UK only.

UUK or Universities UK currently consists of 133 member universities including the entire world’s highly ranked names like The Cambridge University, Oxford, London Business School, LSE, Imperial College and many more. Incidentally all the above top rung universities of UK are a favorite amongst Indian students.

Apply now for your student visa for UK and get a chance to earn not only one but two masters in UK in your desired college!

40% Indian Students Used Fraud for UK Visa-Time to ReDO Your Application!

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In a recent revelation made by the British immigration officials, it has been found that up to 40% of the Indian students who applied for UK student visa used fraudulent means to make their application perfect. These are the results derived from the number of applications received by the British government in the first three months of this year alone.

Such kind of a surge in deceptive activities to secure an entry into UK can be owed to the upcoming new rules to be introduced by the British government for the students applying for a UK student visa starting this April. These new rules are said to be quite rigid and more stringent than the present rules in existence.

Perhaps this can be cited as the reason for the growing unrest amongst students from India to get admission into UK universities and colleges.

According to a British senior immigration official, around 200 Indian students who applied for a course in accountancy programme in UK presented their applications with all the apt documents. But upon interview round, barely 6 or 7 could manage to speak in English.

This is not the first time that British government has aired its concerns regarding the rise in illegal immigration to UK by Indian students. Last year i.e. in January 2010, UK government temporarily suspended the visa applications from North India along with Nepal and Bangladesh due to the unprecedented rise in the applications received for UK student visa.

To stop the fraudulent and captive activities for gaining an entry into UK are being cited as the strong reasons for the UK government’s new rules.

Current rules for UK Student Visa
•A score equivalent to B1 level. It means that a score of 4.5 in IELTS [ International English Language Testing System] or
•Score of 57 in TOEFL [ Test Of English as a Foreign Language]

Proposed New Rules for UK Student Visa in effect from 6th April 2011
•A higher score of 5.5 in IELTS or
•A score of 87 in TOEFL
•Increased scrutiny on funding availability of applicants

Of course you wouldn’t want to land in this 40% category of Indian students who used fraudulent means to gain an entry into UK. To avoid such hassles and secure a legitimate UK student visa for your desired course, contact a competent overseas consultant company. Hire Future Defined from New Delhi, India, the best in business!

Types of Assistance Provided by an Overseas Consultant

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According to you what would make a decent overseas consultant? Perhaps his ability to steer you down a successful and career path? Or perhaps you would appreciate if your consultant can help you out in filling out the tedious task of documentation?

Students wishing to go abroad are quite clear about what they want in their life. The job of an overseas consultant is to make it possible for the student to achieve his or her desired dream.

Provided here is a list of various types of assistance being offered by overseas consultant for UK or any other foreign country these days

Career counseling assistance
A good overseas consultant for UK would make sure that the student chooses the right career path according to his or her abilities. It can be achieved through the guidance provided by an experienced consultant who knows which particular course is best matched with the student’s profile.

University/College selection assistance
It becomes so overwhelming for a student sometimes when there are lots of colleges and universities in UK to choose from. You obviously cannot decide upon yourself which is one is best for you without proper guidance. An overseas consultant for UK comes in quite handy during this time. Not only this, but he would also inform you about the apt time for taking admission into a specific course at a particular college or university in UK.

Admission assistance
What to do and what not to do while getting admitted into a college or university overseas is the job of your hired consultant company. The overseas consultant appointed to you will personally look after your admission process offering his expert guidance in various matters like fee structures, total estimated cost for specific courses etc.

Financial Assistance
The students and more importantly their parents may breathe a sigh of relief as the overseas consultant navigates them through financial matters. You would know the complete cost of living in UK along with fees and living expenses including accommodation, food, travel and clothing costs. There is a certain amount of funds that need to be shown to the embassy to get your visa clearance. Your consultants will advice aptly over this matter.

Visa Assistance
It is the job of your consultant to help you in filing the right document with careful precision. Right form your visa application to interview; every process is thoroughly guided by the consultant.

Accommodation Assistance
Many of these overseas consultant companies have tie ups with various renowned colleges and universities abroad and in our case UK. A student applying through these consultant companies can very well get accommodation at his or her desired university or college.

Part Time Job Assistance
To cover your living expenses while your stay in UK, you can enlist the help of your overseas consultant to secure a decent part time work opportunity. This would sincerely help you in maintaining your funds while staying in a foreign country.

Safety & Security
And last but not the least, there is a safety factor attached with an overseas consultant for UK that you cannot experience if you apply for visa on your own. There are so many benefits to relish!

Apply now to the best overseas consultants for UK now to get a seat in your dream college or university of UK!

Best Overseas Consultants for UK in Delhi- Benefits for Students

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Before coming down to the importance of competent overseas consultants for UK in Delhi, let’s mull over the fact that why a student chooses UK for its higher studies? Following will throw light on this subject

•Global exposure and a chance to become a global citizen as well
•Get sound knowledge of advanced technology
•a chance to mingle with various cultures of the world under a single roof of UK

With so many reasons compelling students from all over the world including India to study in UK, it becomes far more important to lay out your cards well on the table. After all, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the chance of a lifetime! It is thus very essential to select the help of an experienced overseas consultant who are expert in sending students to UK.

Most of you will be quite relieved to know that help is right nearby to you in Delhi, the heart and capital of India. The metropolitan city is known for its keen sense of growth and rapid globalization. You can find some of the best overseas consultants for UK in Delhi only.

One of such consultants is Future Defined located at a favorable location amongst all the famous commercial complexes in the heart of Delhi. The overseas consultants who have been in existence for quite a while now have managed to establish a secure place for themselves amongst some of the top consultants for UK in Delhi city.

Reasons why Future Defined is one of the best overseas consultants for UK in Delhi

Consultants at Future Defined make it a point to guide your career through all the nooks and turns to arrive at a fruitful decision. A student can take their help in choosing the right career path for himself along with the best universities in UK.

There is a lot of hassle while getting admitted to a university or college abroad. With the help of these overseas consultants for UK, one can know the fee structure, payment method along with total estimated expense with an ease.

When you apply for visa approval for UK, chances are it might get rejected. But if you go through Future Defined, you will have a 99.9% chance of getting a visa approval without any hassle. The consultants at Future Defied provide required visa assistance in filing the right document with careful filing of documents.

An overseas consultant for UK will let you know the total estimated cost of studying in UK which included the fees of the university or college and living expenses incurred while staying in UK. This would give you a right idea about how to plan your budget. Also, consultants notify you about the amount of funds to be shown in the embassy for visa approval.

Future defined have tie ups with various renowned universities and colleges of UK like LSBF, Ravensbourne college of Design and Communication, Eurospeak college, Nottingham Trent University etc. a student can thus secure accommodation when he or she applies through future defined for colleges and universities in UK.

•Future defined overseas consultants for UK not only guide you through the whole admission and visa process for studying in UK but also provide you help in securing part time work opportunities while your stay in UK.

To make your future more defined, contact right now Future Defined, one of the best overseas consultants for UK in Delhi!

UK Announces Visa Cuts for Non EU Students-The Competition Rises for Indian Aspirants

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In an announcement that was as expected as it was the monsoon rains, UK government declared that it would be cutting down the number of Visa issued to Non EU students coming to study in UK. The government would bring down the student visas issued by a large amount up to 80,000 an year.

This decision has come in light of the rise in abuse of study in UK route as an easy method of migration into the country. This has caused serious reasons of worry to the British government since quite some time now.

It had made its concerns public earlier too on various occasions and this decision in visa cuts for Non EUs was dreaded by many especially India and China who are going to be most affected by it.

According to Indian stats, there are around 34,000 students pursuing studies in UK at present. British data which takes into account sub-graduates also show more than 50,000 Indian students studying in UK, the second largest after the population of Chinese students in UK.

The UK government has made its target quite clear. It wants to ensure that only serious students get admission into genuine colleges of UK and put a stop to all the bogus degree awarding institutions of the country.

This would also reflect in the work permit granted to post graduate students. Only those Non EU students who posses offer of skilled jobs from sponsoring employers will be allowed to stay back in UK.

The number of studying opportunities for Indian students will in indeed become limited after the decision came out on last Tuesday. Indian government though apprehensive about this decision has shown its full support to the British government.

Home Secretary Theresa May affirmed that they too like UK wants to maintain the quality of education. The students should be able to go to UK colleges but only those with a fair chance who wish to study in genuine courses.

UK government is hoping to bring down the number of Non EU immigrants from 2, 00,000 [in 2010] to tens of thousands by the year 2015.

Not surprisingly enough, UK universities have shown their disapproval over this decision. After all, it would cut down into their annual income of rupees 30 trillion amounting from foreign students alone.

If you wish to study in UK, then don’t waste your time. To ensure you get a seat in your desired college of UK, contact offices of Future Defined, one of the leading overseas consultants of Delhi.

Do You Want A Student Visa Extension- Enlist The Help Of Professional Consultants!

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Students visiting UK for study purposes usually decide to pursue some other professional course which will add value to their current degree. This desire normally transpires from the fact that UK is a goldmine of study and work opportunities.
Once you are there, it would be foolish not to extend your vocational skills by pursing one or the other course during your stay in UK. But for this purpose one need to apply for student visa extension.

A student visa extension is desired by a student when he or she wishes to join a new course in UK only. For this purpose, a student needs to apply 6-8 weeks in advance before the expiry of his or her current student visa. Some basic facts about student visa extension

•A student can apply for visa extension if your current visa ends within a month of the start of your new course. But if the visa ends more than a month after the start of your new course then you need to come back to your home country and apply again for student visa.

•A student needs to set up an appointment with concerned board for the extension of their visa. They will then receive a confirmation letter from home office and another for appointment.

•A student needs to be very careful while drawing up their application. He or she requires following documents for student visa extension
-BRP [if applicable]
-Police Registration Certificate with current address details
– Certificates of your previous qualifications
– Acceptable translations of any of the documents which are not in English
-UK/overseas bank statements of 28 days before applying
– Letter from official financial sponsor
-ATAS certificate if applicable

All these procedures and formalities take up much time and headache. Why to go through all this when you can enlist the help of professional consultants!

These consultancies take care of your student visa extension formalities. You can hire these consultancies that will assist on in every step right from filling out the application to setting up an appointment and the extension of your student visa. Future defined, an overseas consultancy has its head office located right in the heart of London, UK. One can hire them to do their bidding for student visa extension for UK!

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CAS Allotment System- Cause of Problems in Students’ Fee Refunds

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The new system of CAS [Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies] introduced by the UKBA [United Kingdom Border Agency] in place of the earlier visa letter is said to make things much more easy for both students and education institutions in UK. However, one clause regarding the students fee refund policy has landed both students and UK Universities in a catch 22 situation.

Apparently, under this new system of CAS, universities and colleges would be allotted quota for admitting a specific number of students into their schools. CAS is similar to a database record. A unique CAS number is issued for each student. These CAS reference numbers are provided by UKBA under a fixed quota system to all the sponsoring colleges and universities.

This CAS number is given to a student after he makes the initial fee payment to the college. With this reference number he can apply for permission to stay in UK under Tier 4 student visa. However, if the student fails to continue the course due to some reasons, then his fees refund depends upon the will of the college.

Student’s point of view
A student in case gets a refusal of visa from UKBA, then he or she stands to lose his whole investment!
The college may not refund him fees as once the CAS is issued it cannot be used again for any other student!

College’s Point of View
The college too loses in terms of quota. Suppose a student can’t continue his studies due to personal reasons after CAS has been issued by the college then college will lose that one particular CAS number forever. Once the CAS is submitted it goes into the records and it cannot be used again!

Perhaps this can be ctes as one of the reasons for colleges becoming more stringent in their student fee refund policy whereupon they might not give back the full amount.

That’s why we mentioned earlier it’s a catch 22 situation for both the parties.

The basic problem lies in the rules formed by UKBA which if can be formulated would make life much more smooth for students and colleges as well!

Want to study in UK? Drop in a query and have our expert counsellors contact you!

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