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Top UK Universities Acts as Savior for International Students for Second Masters in UK

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Indian students wishing to pursue MBA after doing their masters in UK can finally let a sigh of relief. In a recent turn of events, the top UK universities who are member of UUK [ universities UK] an apex body of Britain’s top most universities came out in full support for international students wishing to pursue their second masters in UK.

According to the new proposed rules by the British government, it was being made a little rigid for the post graduate students in UK to get their MBA degree also from UK. But according to a statement issued by the UUK chief executive Nicola Dandridge, things will become easier for the students now. The British government has withdrawn its earlier designed new rules thus making it accessible for the Indian students to apply for their second masters in the top universities of UK.

As a matter of fact, the statement made by Dandridge ‘continue to be able to move from a master’s course to an MBA’ clearly indicates the amount of support an Indian student would get from these highly famous universities of UK.

According to the British proposed new rules, a student pursuing his master’s degree from UK can move to the second master’s degree only if the university showcases that the second master’s degree is an academic advancement.

For example, a student earning his masters degree in Economics from London School of Economics and Political Science [LSE] can join MBA programme at London School of Business and Finance College [LSBF] only if LSBF endorses the fact that this MBA degree is an academic progression.

There has been tension and a certain degree of unrest amongst Indian students since UK government came out with its rigid set of new rules for student visa. However, with the current turn of events and support shown by UUK will lay all their worries to rest and give them another shot at earning their MBA degree from UK only.

UUK or Universities UK currently consists of 133 member universities including the entire world’s highly ranked names like The Cambridge University, Oxford, London Business School, LSE, Imperial College and many more. Incidentally all the above top rung universities of UK are a favorite amongst Indian students.

Apply now for your student visa for UK and get a chance to earn not only one but two masters in UK in your desired college!