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40% Indian Students Used Fraud for UK Visa-Time to ReDO Your Application!

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In a recent revelation made by the British immigration officials, it has been found that up to 40% of the Indian students who applied for UK student visa used fraudulent means to make their application perfect. These are the results derived from the number of applications received by the British government in the first three months of this year alone.

Such kind of a surge in deceptive activities to secure an entry into UK can be owed to the upcoming new rules to be introduced by the British government for the students applying for a UK student visa starting this April. These new rules are said to be quite rigid and more stringent than the present rules in existence.

Perhaps this can be cited as the reason for the growing unrest amongst students from India to get admission into UK universities and colleges.

According to a British senior immigration official, around 200 Indian students who applied for a course in accountancy programme in UK presented their applications with all the apt documents. But upon interview round, barely 6 or 7 could manage to speak in English.

This is not the first time that British government has aired its concerns regarding the rise in illegal immigration to UK by Indian students. Last year i.e. in January 2010, UK government temporarily suspended the visa applications from North India along with Nepal and Bangladesh due to the unprecedented rise in the applications received for UK student visa.

To stop the fraudulent and captive activities for gaining an entry into UK are being cited as the strong reasons for the UK government’s new rules.

Current rules for UK Student Visa
•A score equivalent to B1 level. It means that a score of 4.5 in IELTS [ International English Language Testing System] or
•Score of 57 in TOEFL [ Test Of English as a Foreign Language]

Proposed New Rules for UK Student Visa in effect from 6th April 2011
•A higher score of 5.5 in IELTS or
•A score of 87 in TOEFL
•Increased scrutiny on funding availability of applicants

Of course you wouldn’t want to land in this 40% category of Indian students who used fraudulent means to gain an entry into UK. To avoid such hassles and secure a legitimate UK student visa for your desired course, contact a competent overseas consultant company. Hire Future Defined from New Delhi, India, the best in business!

Types of Assistance Provided by an Overseas Consultant

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According to you what would make a decent overseas consultant? Perhaps his ability to steer you down a successful and career path? Or perhaps you would appreciate if your consultant can help you out in filling out the tedious task of documentation?

Students wishing to go abroad are quite clear about what they want in their life. The job of an overseas consultant is to make it possible for the student to achieve his or her desired dream.

Provided here is a list of various types of assistance being offered by overseas consultant for UK or any other foreign country these days

Career counseling assistance
A good overseas consultant for UK would make sure that the student chooses the right career path according to his or her abilities. It can be achieved through the guidance provided by an experienced consultant who knows which particular course is best matched with the student’s profile.

University/College selection assistance
It becomes so overwhelming for a student sometimes when there are lots of colleges and universities in UK to choose from. You obviously cannot decide upon yourself which is one is best for you without proper guidance. An overseas consultant for UK comes in quite handy during this time. Not only this, but he would also inform you about the apt time for taking admission into a specific course at a particular college or university in UK.

Admission assistance
What to do and what not to do while getting admitted into a college or university overseas is the job of your hired consultant company. The overseas consultant appointed to you will personally look after your admission process offering his expert guidance in various matters like fee structures, total estimated cost for specific courses etc.

Financial Assistance
The students and more importantly their parents may breathe a sigh of relief as the overseas consultant navigates them through financial matters. You would know the complete cost of living in UK along with fees and living expenses including accommodation, food, travel and clothing costs. There is a certain amount of funds that need to be shown to the embassy to get your visa clearance. Your consultants will advice aptly over this matter.

Visa Assistance
It is the job of your consultant to help you in filing the right document with careful precision. Right form your visa application to interview; every process is thoroughly guided by the consultant.

Accommodation Assistance
Many of these overseas consultant companies have tie ups with various renowned colleges and universities abroad and in our case UK. A student applying through these consultant companies can very well get accommodation at his or her desired university or college.

Part Time Job Assistance
To cover your living expenses while your stay in UK, you can enlist the help of your overseas consultant to secure a decent part time work opportunity. This would sincerely help you in maintaining your funds while staying in a foreign country.

Safety & Security
And last but not the least, there is a safety factor attached with an overseas consultant for UK that you cannot experience if you apply for visa on your own. There are so many benefits to relish!

Apply now to the best overseas consultants for UK now to get a seat in your dream college or university of UK!