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MBA Facebook Programme by LSBF- Future of Education?

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Schools and colleges promoting themselves on social networking sites especially Facebook have become quite a common phenomenon these days. In a bid to connect to their current as well prospective students, colleges of UK are using the Facebook page as a wonderful tool of communication and promotion!

London School of Business & Finance has gone one step ahead and started online MBA programme application right on Facebook! Now one can get educated with the help of Facebook application known by the name of LSBF Global MBA.

This Facebook application started by LSBF offers a chance to study MBA sitting right at your home and also earn an accreditation offered by the college. Under this revolutionary step, a student will be able to access all the requisite course content for MBA exam preparation through the application. One can easily attend online lectures, post queries to lecturers and receive instant feedback!

Here are some of the features of the LSBF Global MBA application on Facebook

•Get access to course content [strategic planning, organizational behavior, corporate finance and marketing management] modules.

•Apply for certification by enrolling into full online MBA programme, post grad diploma, post grad certificate or any of the individual modules of MBA programme.

•Get live streaming of lectures in real time. Also get access to lecturers office hours.

•Post your queries either before the lectures or in real time or afterwards on the online discussion forums.

•Receive instant feedbacks.

•Become a part of online education community!

•Check questions posted by other MBA students.

•Get updates through Facebook newsfeed about lectures.

With this step, LSBF has placed its name amongst the easily approachable global educators. What’s quite appealing about this MBA programme is that a student doesn’t need to pay anything for the course unless and until he decides to take the MBA exam and accreditation certificate.

It is not like other online MBA courses wherein one has to pay the full amount even before the registration or inspection of the course content. Herein one can check the course content, get acquainted with the study methods and if then he decides to take the MBA exam then he can pay the fees.

Perhaps the other schools will follow suit and start courses for the benefit of those students who can’t study in UK.

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