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Sample SOP for MSc in Computing Networking in UK

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“Don’t ask what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country” this inspirational proclamation of John F. Kennedy stirred my internal nation when I heard his recording for the first time in a seminar and I encountered a thought which gave me mission for my life, ‘Don’t ask what your life can bring to you, but ask what you can give to your life’. Following it with firm determination, I started exploring my way to the heights of my dream.

After the completion of my Bachelors in Computer Application, I joined as a Faculty Member cum Software Developer with the AHNT Institute of Hardware and Networking Technology, Maninagar, Ahmedabad. My education and work experience realized me that there is and shall always be a perpetual demand of qualified hardware & networking professionals, I have gained the basic knowledge about hardware and networking in my Bachelors Degree, which helped me to take a firm decision to specialise in this field.

My mission to search a good course and a good university ended with the “Masters in Network Computing” offered by the Swansea Metropolitan University. I remember the day when I read the course details of Swansea Met which I had received from the newspaper, electrified me and resulted in the meeting with the representatives at the British Education Fair at xxxxx, collecting all the information, and then applying for it.

The application of specialized skill in various companies, system in a very short time has increased the expectation of better and affordable solutions. There is a world wide demand for the master trouble shooter and solution provider in networking areas. Realizing the value of this I decided to limit extent my ideas and interest to the area of networks and it helped me fuel my desire and ambition to pursue an MSc in Computer Networks from Swansea Metropolitan University.

The MSc in Computer Networks from Swansea Metropolitan University would supplement my work experience in the field of Networking where I want to gain high credentials. Also this course provides me with sound foundation in hardware and Networking studies as to enable me to suit any functional and sartorial responsibility. Master degree will satisfy my wish to be recognised as a Network graduate from multicultural and worldwide recognised institute like this and I have selected it for my further education. I would have sufficient knowledge and skills for my present portfolio study career.

Mine is a four member family. My father is government servant and serving as a development officer in LIC (Life Insurance Corporation). My brother is a teacher in the BVD high school. My mother is house wife. My family encouraged me to take a decision to study further which led me to this application. I hope that my educational, work background, my serious efforts shall help me be a member of the SMU family.