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Sample SOP for MSc Management in UK

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“A dream becomes a goal when action is taken towards its achievement”

-Bo Bennet.

A firm believer in the above saying and believer in myself, I aspire to become a successful manager, one who can effectively contribute in the working of his organization. In the era of globalization, a manager plays a crucial role in the determining the success of an idea/product.

My schooling at Dr. Virendra Swaroop Senior Secondary School (Kanpur) imbibed in me a sense of responsibility and discipline in all aspects of my life. Then I completed my further studies in computers from Integral University (Lucknow) with 68%. The knowledge that I have gained over the years through my education and various experiences have shown me the path I should follow. These experiences helped me discover myself.

As a computer major in college, I developed excellent analytical skills and improved my problem solving ability. I also have sound understanding of technical aspects in the Software industry.

Since childhood, various aspects of business world intrigued me. With the growing global economy and the profusion of different arenas in the field of technology, trade and education, marketing, administration management is one area that is seeing unprecedented growth.

I thus see management as one of the most significant modern day approaches to meet the growing challenges of life. In today’s fast changing environment, I want to face more challenges and widen my horizons. Masters in management will equip me with more power and skills to reach my goal.

Here, is the primary reason for which I want to pursue Msc in Management from Glasgow University. I took into account, two different kinds of benefits of the degree: The instrumental benefits and personal benefits.

INSTRUMRNTAL BENEFIT: From career perspective, MSc Management will be a milestone towards my learning quest. It is a master with exceptional band value, academic rigor, the latest curriculum and a comprehensive learning prospect. It will help me to develop and learn new perspective skills, knowledge and the opportunity to be a part of diverse culture.

PERSONAL BENEFIT:  Doing a master program will enhance the core business and technical skills so important in the corporate world. It will give me a wide platform to walk and to choose from the various career options that will be available once this course is completed. It will definitely increase my managerial skills and enhance my professional abilities.

Seeking a more practical approach towards education than a theoretical one, I believe that the course I have enrolled for has all the provisions and faculties to fine line my capabilities and would usher knowledge and aptitude to establish global standards of working with a modern approach.

I am keenly interested in enhancing my knowledge even further beyond my home country. I want to enhance my understanding of the principle of dynamic world across geographic and disciplinary boundaries.

I would also utilize my tenure in Glasgow University to validate and further sharpen my future goals.

My ability to adapt to diverse, challenging and unforeseen environments will definitely be an asset in my quest for an internationally recognized master’s degree from Glasgow University.

Hence, I look forward to being a part of the incoming class of fall 2009 at Glasgow University.