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Sample SOP for MSc in IT from UK

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The modern world owes most of its amenities to successful entrepreneurs.

The act of entrepreneurship is often associated with true uncertainty. Entrepreneurs have often brought novel things, whose market never existed, to the world.

For example, before the Internet, nobody knew about the market for Internet related businesses, such as Google, Amazon, YouTube, Yahoo, etc. Only after the Internet emerged did people begin to see opportunities and market in its technology.

The current global recession provides an ideal play-ground for budding entrepreneurs to showcase their wares. The new-age entrepreneurs can really help the ailing market and create job opportunities in large numbers.

I have always believed that I have strong entrepreneurial skills.

An analytical review of my strengths, a soulful realization of my true callings, and a retrospective look at the kind of tasks that I have executed to perfection and have also won accolades for, confirm my belief.

Some of my strengths include: The ability to think out-of-the-box, risk taking aptitude, never-say-die approach, and leaving nothing for chance. I also possess sheer fondness for communication and travel across the international borders, and an analytical bend of mind. I plan to add teeth to my strengths under the rightful guidance of your experienced faculty.

Entrepreneurship also comes with its set of woes. The only way to minimize on the risks and failures faced by the entrepreneurs, is by learning from past experiences. This means analyzing previous case-studies, working on exiting issues faced by the corporate, and learning from how the business-gurus approach the solution. I am aware that I would be able to do all these and more by pursuing a business management course from an institute that is served by some of the business gurus, themselves, as faculty, and is well-recognized and often sought by the industry for solution to difficult business issues.

My current job, at HCL Technologies, requires me to function in the role of a Business Analyst and a Project Lead. My responsibilities involve analyzing processes, recommending software solutions, documenting the approach, gathering and documenting the specific requirements, interfacing between the client and the development team, managing the software development process as per the quality standards, and ensuring timely delivery of the product and its artifacts to the client.

I have been able to earn appreciation from HCL and from the clients, by complementing my existing responsibilities with the ability to amicably resolve issues, by leading and managing cross-functional teams, by identifying new business opportunities, and by successfully mobilising my resources to materialize the new and existing opportunities.

Apart from work, I love to travel nomadically and enjoy interacting with people of different cultures. There is nothing more invigorating than the novelty of scenery or an interaction with someone with an entirely different set of beliefs and way of life. I strongly believe the global economy has still a lot to gain from the unexplored.

I am strongly driven by the desire to be a part of the globalization phenomenon and the new age industrial dynamics. I look forward to your school to teach me the know-how to be a successful entrepreneur, and to give the right directions to my endeavours.

What I bring to the class is a unique set of my opinions and my experiences from the IT and IT enabled services industry, accompanied by a number of questions that could only be answered by your honourable faculty. I also bring with me an indelible sense of belonging to the global civilization. I believe our world is now, more than ever, getting influenced by universal phenomena like global warming, terrorism, recession, etc. We need to build a sense of bonding among the innumerable cultures of the world to face the challenges of this era.

Finally, to conclude, as is wisely said, “Successful entrepreneurs never let anything go to waste: experience, contacts, time, and money”. I am want join Leeds Metropolitan University for MSc in Information Technology from UK. I want to build on my current experience in the industry, and I believe I would also be able to benefit from my classmates at your school, who would be from a varied set of backgrounds.

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Sample SOP for MSc Information & Technology from Leeds Metropolitan University

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“You know yourself” goes the word of Socrates. Right from my childhood, I recognized myself having a great entice towards the field of Information Technology engineering for its versatile and valuable services to the mankind. The origins of transistor to the latest super computer are awesome latest technology. I.T. field has played a pivotal role in modernizing this world and is still paving way for a great future.

Right from childhood, I was lucky to have teachers and lecturers who always instilled a passion for learning. Their commitment and systematic approach to teaching molded my personality tremendously and inculcated in me the values of application and perseverance. I was always ranked among the top 5 student of my class throughout my schooling. I was a keen participant in many science fairs where I demonstrated many innovative and challenging experiments. Even during my under graduation courses I was always appreciated for my creative and lucid ideas I used to think up for a given problem.

I took Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry as my major in high school, where I secured first class. I took test for admission to engineering of our state where I was in top 3% of students attending the exam. This gave me chance to get into Professor Ram Meghe Institute and Research (P.R.M.I.T.) College of engineering, Badnera, one of the best colleges in Amravati University.

Undergraduate study at P.R.M.I.T. College has been an enlightening experience. For me P.R.M.I.T. has given me very good basics in field of Information Technology. As Information Technology is a mix up of two branches that is Electronics and Telecommunication and computer science therefore my broad areas of interest include C, C++, Internet technology (I.T.), Data Structure and in the electronics’ side Digital Signal Processing (D.S.P), Communication Engineering (C.E.) and Digital Integrated circuit (D.I.C).

My knowledge on a given subject improved when I used to teach subject to my friends. I have realized that the comprehensive understanding but to communicate. My good communication skills helped me taking classes to assist my friends.

As I was especially interested in .NET therefore I had planned my final year project in .NET. My group decided to make a project which is helpful for the employees of the company, named as “Virtual Office”. We have completed this project in ASP.NET by using c#. The concept of the project is new in India. As we are watching that each and every employee has to go to office and do their work at fix time but by using this concept there is no need to go to office because boss and the employees are connected to each other through NET and also all employees are connected to each other. Whatever project boss will have, he will send to the employees and employees will do this job at home in their own way. This project saves time, buildings and big offices. And employee can do his work at home without any time restriction, means at any time like early in the morning, evening or at late night. So he can complete his work being with his family. If he or she will complete the job within the given number of days then company will give him incentives for that which will increase his or her salary and I feel its very good concept for each company and specially their employees.

As my father has two businesses one is producing Oil from the Groundnuts that is an “Oil Industry” and another is separating cotton seeds from the cotton that is a “Ginning Factory” therefore he requires 60 to 65 employees to work in these two Industries and he has to manage their data of working days, salaries. The manual data collection in ledgers and books is very cumbersome and involves lot of time and energy. While managing my father’s work in his absence I decided to computerize it. I computerized all my fathers’ database by using my knowledge of SQL database. The smile on his face and the time, which I was able to save for him, satisfied me lot. After acquiring specialized knowledge from masters I plan to make a software consultancy of my own in my country. I feel my country needs it most.

Apart from the regular academic activities, I was keen in participating in various extra-curricular activities. I actively participated in many debates and elocutions. I was greatly appreciated by my College management for successfully organizing the college festival. I was one of the main organizers for the industrial tour, where we visited many industries to know the groundwork. I have also got 1st rank in “Power Lifting” and 2nd rank in “Kabbadi” from the university in the year 2005.

I have a strong ambition to obtain excellence in the field of I.T. I understand Excellence in any sphere of life can be achieved through determination, hard work, perseverance and dedication. If in depth knowledge of subject for conceptual skills is added then it becomes complete. After 10 years I envision myself as engaged in career of active research. I also get immense pleasure from teaching. I enjoy interacting with people and this leads me to believe that sharing with them the knowledge that I gain through my research would be a very rewarding experience. My dream is to open an institute dedicated to promote DSP and play a part in the DSP revolution.

Pursuing graduate studies focusing on research from an institute of International standing as yours in my long and cherished dream. Going through your brochure and web pages, I feel that the program offered by Leeds Metropolitan University fulfils my needs and interests. Your university can provide me an opportunity to pursue my aims in life and prove my potential. I am confident that I have the potential and preparation to be a graduate at Leeds Metropolitan University and would encourage you to give my application a thoughtful consideration. I look forward to join the university and thank you in anticipation.