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Sample SOP for MSc Engineering Management in UK

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I believe that the ability to invent, innovate and discover is what has propelled man to the echelons of success. Throughout my life, I have been driven by the desire to create, to experiment a capability that transcends the passive acquisition of knowledge. I have always been captivated by the power of mathematics and science and this fascination inspired me to pursue a career in mathematics and science.

The boundless possibility of Business Interchange and the instant knowledge of the outcome that stimulates one for further analysis of a rationale in question is what I find most appealing about management and its application towards business. Keeping up an inquisitive and explorative attitude, I believe, leads to a constant learning process. This approach adds to the already immense potential for innovation that exists in business. I look to study Engineering Management to refine my knowledge and skills of IT for getting better dealing in Business. I believe it will also serve to give direction to my dreams and goal of a career as a manager of multinational organization or being an entrepreneur of globalize IT company back in my country. I intend to pursue an MSc in Engineering Management degree in UK in order to reach that goal.


In my undergraduate studies, I benefited from the breadth of Amravati University’s syllabi content that has given me a comprehensive exposure to the core areas of Information Technology and a strong conceptual understanding of the same. In these four years of study, I have strived to maintain an approach of expanding independent effort in all my endeavors. Learning by various ways and sharing my knowledge with others has been most worthwhile, when comprehending a concept. My life with computers started in 6th standard when in my school I had computers as a subject. Although we had a very simple programming language BASIC, I was introduced to this fascinating world of computers. From 6th standard only I developed an interest in the areas of compiler, construction. My real achievements started when I took information Technology as my branch for my undergraduate course in Prof. Ram Meghe Institute Of Technology and Research, one of the most elite and oldest institutions of engineering in India. The course was developed in such a way and was open for changes that it remains compatible to the latest industry standards. I have remained extremely motivated and zealous throughout my Bachelors Programs. I was always among the class 3 toppers in the subjects such as e-commerce, Data Structure, Digital communication, and communication engineering. I am adept at programming in C, C++ and JAVA which were taught in our undergraduate studies.


During the course of my undergraduate studies, I was involved in lot of projects. I did a project on Automated Teller Machine (ATM) which gave me an insight into the wonders of programming world. Then I also completed a project on Student Information System which was a database management of our college library. To enhance my detailed knowledge of the subject and to keep up with the changing trends. I did lot of seminars and presentation. The seminars were on web application and its working. I also delivered a seminar on ASP.NET.

Presented paper on “Latest Computer Technologies”. The final year curricular demanded a project of bigger scale; I was a part of project named “HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT” which I did in final semester. It was based on Web Application. The development objective of the project was to contribute to realize member driven and community responses cooperative movements of the region in order to make them more efficient and sustainable. It plays a key role in anticipating man power demand and providing various solutions. Human Resource Management is not only responsible for hiring and firing but also to handle contacting job references and administering employee benefits. The project included recruitment of the employees and their transfer from branches to branches irrespective of their level. The most highlighting module of the project was that the recruitment was based on online Aptitude test. The “Online Aptitude Test” was appreciated by our project guide and external evaluator as well.


All through my school and college life I have been involved with various kinds of extra-curricular activities, not only taking parts in various kinds of competitions but organizing them as well. I always believed in the concept of the “sound body in a sound mind” and this has made me to play an active role in extra curricular activities. In my school days I was a member of the school football team. Our team had reached till the state level. I am even a member of the Rotary Club of India. In college I was the member of college cricket and badminton team. I along with my friends have organized blood donation camp in college 3times and there were more than 400 students who donated blood which gives the evidence of a fabulous response of the awareness which we created. We came across the same response when we organized a cultural festival 3times which was not officially sponsored by college management. In fact the students we accumulated was more than 700.I played the role of an organizer by convincing the students to be a part of the cultural festival which was a pretty difficult task and I felt quite proud as a team head of the organizing team of 15 colleagues. Apart from this I always participated in the debates held in college.


My objectives of joining a Masters in Engineering Management are very clear-cut. I want to hone my intellectual abilities; to acquire in-depth competence in my stream of engineering; to develop individuality and conviviality; to learn for collective good and expand my horizons of knowledge. After ten years I envision myself as engaged in a career of software. I also get immense pleasure from teaching. I enjoy interacting with people and this leads me to believe that sharing my knowledge that I gain through my masters in technical background would be a very rewarding experience. My dream is to apply my gained advanced knowledge in benefit and service of my nation which needs professionals like me most for its development.


Pursuing graduate studies focusing on technical field from an institute of international standing as yours is my long and cherished dream. Going through your brochure and web pages, I feel that the program offered by NTU fulfils my needs and interests. Your university can provide me an opportunity to achieve my goals in life and prove my potential. I am confident that I have the potential and preparation to be a graduate at your university and would encourage you to give my application a thoughtful consideration.

I look forward to an enriching and exhilarating academic career at your esteemed university.