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Sample SOP MSc Electrical Engineering from University of Glasgow in UK

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Right from my childhood, I had the opportunity to get exposed to basic communication engineering concepts since my elder brother (B.E, M. Tech (Telecomm.), M.B.A (Finance)) was working in one of the reputed networking company. He used to explain me how whole telephone network works with the help of switches, how internet works with the help of ISPs, difference between analog and digital technologies, difference between wired and wireless services and many more basic engineering concept. Since I had an inquisitive mind, I used to ponder about vastness and scope of communication, how various things work and what made them to function. Slowly I developed an interest in communication and related subjects. My discussion with him convinced me that specializing in communications would suit me very well. In my final year project of Bachelor’s degree, I successfully tried to put my interest practically by developing application software called as “A LAN/IP Network Based Messenger Using VC++”. I believe it will also serve to give direction to my goal of a career as a research professional at an academic or commercial, research oriented organization.

Academics, thus has been my closest companion. Due to my high grades in 10th grade public examination and 12th grade public examination I secured second position and first position in high school and junior college respectively. After my successful high school and junior college results and my aspiration to learn more about Telecommunication and internet technology secured me a position in the Electronics Engineering department of G.H.Raisoni College of Engineering (, a premier school for engineering and applied science in Central India, affiliated to Nagpur University, accredited by NBA, AICTE New Delhi. The entire course in Electronics Engineering has helped me to improve progressively my perception of the filed and accrue academic and applied knowledge combined with relevant skills. Right from 1st year I was among the top 5 students in my branch securing distinction in my 3rd and 4th year with overall percentage of 71%.

Telecommunication engineering has always been a passion for me. As I delved into the realm of engineering, my initial fascination turned into one of unquenchable obsession. During my under graduate program areas that appealed most to me, viz, Communication Network, Digital Communication, Mobile Communication, Analog Communication, Micro Processor & Application, VLSI Design & Circuits. Due to my interest in communication subjects my final year project was also based on the communication. “A LAN/IP Network Based Messenger Using VC++” was the project undertaken in the final year which supports features like PC to PC Call over IP, Instant Messaging over IP, File transfer and E-mail Browsing. By installing this application software anywhere either in LAN or IP network we can make PC-to-PC Calls, Instant Messaging, File transfer and E-mail Browsing. In this project we are using VC++ for developing application software. This project is an attempt to enter into the telecommunication technology and to understand the basics of communication and Internet in order to add an additional feature into the current application software that is being currently used widely. Besides this, a mini-project “A bi-directional Visitor counter” was undertaken in 3rd year to understand the basics of electronics branch and electronics components. A Bi-directional counter as its name suggest is a two way counter .It can count the number of entries as well as the number of exits. Thus this counter can be used to know the number of visitors present in a room in a given time .It is useful in movie halls, shopping malls, buildings, offices, banks, etc. This whole exercise was highly instrumental in widening my horizons and giving me the feel of a research environment, which I found very stimulating. Thus, my undergraduate studies were an exercise that combined research with practical implementation. I honed my computer knowledge with courses in C, C++ and VC++. The fact that I enjoyed the entire activity so much, put to rest any doubts about my career choice of the future. A master’s program in Electrical Engineering from University of Glasgow, UK became the natural selection and a first step towards achieving my subsequent objective of doing a Ph.D.

I have attended the seminars sponsored by BROCADE Company and CISCO Company during my HSC vacations in NEW DELHI. In these seminars, I came to know about many new technologies such as Wireless technologies, Voice over IP, Computer Networking, Wireless Networking, Concept of Storage Area Network and many others. During my 3rd year vacation I did internship program in DSL Networking Company where I studied how the whole new technology such as Voice over Internet works and learned about emerging protocols such as SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), MGCP (Media Gateway Control Protocol) etc. In addition I have been a student member of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.) for the past two years. Its seminars and publications like ‘The Spectrum’ have exposed me to a lot of Emerging Technologies in the field of telecommunication.

At the college level I have given seminars on two topics namely The Foundation of Storage Area Network (SAN) Fabric and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). I have participated two times also in the inter-college extempore competition. Despite the busy academic schedule I have always participated in extra curricular activities. I have been always associated in organization of the Gatherings, Technical Forums and Cultural Forums of college as well as department. I have voluntarily donated blood 8 times till now and willing to donate more in future. I believe strongly in doing social service and have also done it by helping my juniors, peers and seniors and whoever approached me till now. Truly the satisfaction I get by aiding others is immense and can’t be expressed in words. Besides technical study, I am also avid reader of non-technical books like fictional and non-fictional novels, essays, biographies, etc for instance DA Vinci Code, Five Point Someone, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, The Argumentative Indian, Wings Of Fire, Autobiography Of M.K.Gandhi, etc. Out of the above books I liked the most were “Wings of Fire” which is authored by famous INDIAN Scientist “A P J Abdul Kalam” and “Autobiography of M.K. Gandhi” which is written by Non-Violent freedom fighter “Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi”. In both the books commitment, focus, pledge and uphill struggle are the qualities of both the personalities that have tempted me most for the attainment of the objective.

I have studied few layered protocols such as SIP, TCP/IP, UDP, IP and MGCP. I am really interested in subjects like Mobile Communication, Computer Communication Network, Digital Communication, Computer Organization, VLSI and VHDL and I feel that perseverance and eagerness to learn new things are my strongest qualities. My ultimate career objective is to be intimately involved in research and academics. The essence of my motivation comes from my insatiable curiosity to dive deep into the field of telecommunication.

After 10 years down the line I see myself fulfilling my dream of being engaged in active research in telecommunication field which will be useful in the future generation. I can only make my dream come to reality by acting wisely today. It is due to this reason that I have applied to your graduate study at your renowned university. I believe that University of Glasgow will provide me that ideal platform to make a positive contribution towards my chosen field. I want to be successful in whatever I am doing and definitely a better person.

I am fully aware of the fact that a master’s degree requires sincerity, devotion and determination. It is belief that I cannot be more prepared or willing to study in UK and achieving my dreams. It would therefore be a privilege to be able to pursue Graduate Studies with adequate financial assistance in your institution. It is with this in mind, that I look forward to joining the Master’s degree Program in Electrical Engineering from University of Glasgow, UK. My interest and deep dedication to this field instills in me the confidence to meet the vigorous academic challenges that your curriculum would pose.

Sample SOP for MSc Electronic & Electrical Engineering from University of Strathclyde, UK

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‘The sum total of what one knows is negligible, finally what is important is, one should pursue knowledge’.

I am an Engineer and the desire for incessant pursuit of knowledge guides me to University of Strathclyde in order to acquire a MSc Electronic & Electrical Engineering.

My Academic Background:

I opted for Electronics in high school for two years, which acted as a portal for the world of Electrical Engineering for me. This subject dealt with fundamentals of electrical sciences, motors, electrical instruments in addition to concepts related to modulation, radio receivers and operational amplifiers. The outcome of my interest in this subject was reflected in the results of the 12th grade public examination conducted by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (M.S.B.S.H.S.E.) in which I scored 93.5% in this subject. I also secured the highest marks in English in the Nagpur Division. I was second in my school in 10th grade public examination, conducted by Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education.

The aspiration to learn more about Electrical Engineering came to my mind with my high scores in my XII std. which gave me a position in the Electrical Engineering department of Shri Ramdeobaba Kamla Nehru Engineering College (S.R.K.N.E.C.), a premier school for engineering and applied science in Central India, accredited by NBA, AICTE, New Delhi. The entire course in Electronics Design Technology has helped me to improve progressively my perception of the field and accrue academic and applied knowledge combined with relevant skills. During the course of engineering my favorite subjects were Digital Electronics, Signals & Systems, Digital Signal Processing and Communication Systems. I have always been a topper in my class. I attributed these achievements to the fact that I genuinely enjoyed what I learnt.

Why Study in University of Strathclyde?

I can only imagine the future but I can design it today. The application for admission in University of Strathclyde offers the best course in MSc Electronic & Electrical Engineering. The research facilities and the faculty at the university are par excellent. I am now convinced that admission to the University of Strathclyde will be tremendously beneficial to my overall intellectual development and will provide requisite exposure and grooming to enable me make a positive contribution towards my chosen field. The University also encompasses a rich student heritage, blending into which I would take as a privilege.

I am fully aware of the fact that a master’s degree requires sincerity, devotion and determination. It is belief that I cannot be more prepared or willing to work towards achieving it. I hope that you will give me a chance to prove myself.

I am looking forward to study in UK and I will be very happy if I get a chance to study in University of Strathclyde.

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