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Sample LOR MSc Electrical Engineering (UK)

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I am pleased to recommend Mr. Ajai Kumar to your prestigious university for the pursuit of his Masters Degree. I have no reservations in saying that he was one of the brightest students under my tutelage.

As I have taught him subject CMOS and VLSI Design, I have had enough opportunity to asses him closely. He had consistently maintained a good academic record and was amongst the top students of his class.

Ajai is an extremely intelligent student with an incisively analytical mind and systematic work habits. His ability to implement theoretical knowledge to practical aspects is excellent. His technical acumen and inherent penchant to grasp the fundamentals is noteworthy. An appealing aspect of him is to put forth his personal ideas in an obedient manner. He has been taking active interest in the lectures and has taken the pains to think about and clear his doubts about the fundamental concepts. Sound fundamentals backed by an inquisitive mind provide him with the necessary drive to successfully trace the solutions of the most intricate problems. This makes him an ideal man for research. He was one of the very few students in class to complete all the challenging assignments that had been assigned to him.

He has exhibited very high aptitude for research and project work. Due to excellent engineering knowledge, analytical and logical abilities, I took him in my team to undertake project “Modeling of DMA controller 8257 using VHDL”. All through this project, I observed him to be very dedicated and helpful team member. I am particularly impressed by the tremendous research potential and the persistent hard work that he has shown towards successfully completing the said project. He has keen research interest and aptitude towards embedded system and circuit designing. He is definitely the cream of the talent crop who gave invaluable contribution in all the projects.

He was an active member of ISTE (Indian Society for Technical Education) and EXESS (Electronics Engineering Students Society committee) I have always observed him very dedicated to the said organizations and as an individual who has always surprised us with innovative events. Just as he organized many technical events like guest lectures, seminars, paper presentation and quiz competition under these banners.

Taking all qualities in to consideration and confident about his success, I strongly recommend Mr. Ajiai Kumar for MSc Electrical Engineering at University of Glasgow, UK.

With regards,


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