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Sample SOP for MSc in IT from UK

The modern world owes most of its amenities to successful entrepreneurs. The act of entrepreneurship is often associated with true uncertainty. Entrepreneurs have often brought novel things, whose market never existed, to the world. For example, before the Internet, nobody knew about the market for Internet related businesses, such as Google, Amazon, YouTube, Yahoo, etc.… Read More »

Sample SOP for MSc in Software Engineering in UK

I have always wished for a good education which would provide me with a strong footing in my ever growing career. Hence, having done an inspiring four-year course in Computer Science and Engineering, I would like to pursue MSc in Software Engineering from Heriot Watt University. This would give me the leading edge in the… Read More »

Sample SOP for MSc Computer Science in UK

My objective for graduate  studies  in  Computer  Science  is  to prepare  myself  for  the  long term goal of pursuing a career of teaching and research. I have  nurtured  a  strong  passion  to become  a  scientist  and  pursue  research.  In the pursuit of Knowledge, I have always adopted a rigorous approach in order to attain an… Read More »