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Sample of SOP for Masters in Public Health from University of Manchester in UK

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This is my view about life. Mankind won so many battles in the war towards achieving ‘Health for all’ with eradication of infectious diseases like smallpox in 1980, when the WHO declared the world a ‘Small Pox-free’ place. We are on the verge of successfully eradicating the menace of Poliomyelitis from our society. There are many more battles to be won, and a collective effort is needed on a global scale. To contribute to this cause, I have decided to undertake higher education in the field of Public Health. My eventual objective is to implement the principles and concepts I will learn to tackle some of the most formidable diseases faced by us today as a species.

Since my early days at school, I have had a deep interest for the health sciences. This interest stemmed from an innate concern for life. As a child I would wonder what ‘life’ actually was and why it would wither away. In the high school, I took a course of first aid and emergency medicine in medical division of National Cadet Corps for two years 8th and 9th. This invoked my interest in biological sciences and I scored the highest 84.13% with 91% in science at the Secondary School Examination (Grade 10th), standing 1st among 1000 students. I appeared for Higher Secondary School Exam (Grade 12th) and scored 79.17% with 88% in science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology). Thereafter I prepared for the Pre-Medical Test (PMT) for whole one year 1998 to 1999. I scored 121.5 out of 150 in the exam, standing 530 among 2,00,000 students in the state and secured admission in the Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH), Nagpur – the Asia’s largest hospital and most sought college for medical studies in India.

At GMCH Nagpur, my interest in Public Health developed during the course on Preventive and Social Medicine (PSM) in 2nd year of my undergraduate program. The exhaustive curriculum along with the fieldwork gave me a lot of exposure to the administration as well as executive of the National Disease Control Programs. We learned about simple yet inexpensive and effective techniques to tackle even the most formidable diseases, apt for developing countries. A Health Education Program of the slum population was implemented after a survey of their neighborhood. It gave an insight into the functioning of Public Health system. An attempt to find fallacies and suggest simple implemental corrective measures was made for the population group.

About my academics at college level, I have presented the seminar on ‘Atherosclerosis’ in very 1st year of my undergraduate program. In 2nd year I participated in ‘Star Research Project’ of Pathology Department and worked under microbiology department for ‘Trypanosomiasis Investigation’. I have attended symposia such as ‘Rational Use of Antibiotics’ organized by Medical Council of India through Microbiology department, ‘Critical Illness in Pregnancy’ organized by Indian Society of Critical Care. I participated in ‘Epidemiological Skill Development Program’ at the start of my internship. I presented seminar on ‘Current Trends in Epidemiology of Leprosy’ in skin department. I have also done my research work in community medicine on the topic ‘Knowledge Attitude & Practices to control AIDS in Rural Area’. The paper publication work on the same topic is in progress. The paper is likely to publish in ‘Indian Journal of Community Medicine’ in June 2006. I keep updating my knowledge by reading Journal of Public Health, Journal of Epidemiology, European Journal of epidemiology etc. All these things will help me a lot while doing my research work further in Public Health  from University of Manchester in UK.

I have worked as a house officer at Dr. Vinod Gandhi Pediatric Hospital for 6 months. There I managed emergencies at night especially acute gastroenteritis, pneumonia, and asthma cases. I delivered my administrative skill while maintaining discipline in staff members. I developed the team further so that I could get best results from them.

I am not only a person focused on his academics but also a social one. Being the member of Indian Red Cross (+) Society, Nagpur branch, I have participated in various health camps related to AIDS & Blood Donation. I am also the active member of ‘National Dowry Elimination Society’ and ‘Vikalpa India’- the NGOs. I was the Coordinator in India for ‘The Professional Career Development Seminar’ organized by Innovate Medical Limited, UK. I am interested in Classical Music. To add further I have passed up to second-degree exam for classical instrument ‘Tabla’. I am also interested in adventure sports like trekking.

Currently I have founded my own NGO ‘Sanjivani Health Care Center’ (SHCC). Under the aegis of it, I am doing Hepatitis B Vaccination for High Risk Group. In collaboration of SHCC with Indian Red Cross Society, I am working on spreading the awareness of AIDS in rural population

I plan to join Masters in Public Health (MPH) in University of Manchester for fall 2010. I intend to do my majors in Epidemiology and Biostatistics. I plan to follow-up MPH with a Ph.D. and work in the field of Public Health with World Health Organization. This is driven by my belief that improvement in infectious diseases is the key to improving the quality of life. Your institute has a sound research base in field of public health specializing in epidemiology. My research interest matches with the research in epidemiology. Masters Program at Manchester University would give me a technological edge in the field of public health and help me in fulfilling my aim of becoming a part of the noble cause of eradicating diseases. I would greatly benefit from this program and hope that it will be a symbiotic relation. With the already acquired skills in the medicinal field, I am sure I would be a great asset to the university.

Sample SOP for MSc Applied Public Health from UK

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The world will never forget the golden day when humans conquered smallpox, when we eradicated the same in 1980. Also we are on the verge of eradicating one more dreadful disease, poliomyelitis. All this could be achieved when we could communicate with the people and take them with us. Yes, that’s one of the jobs of an epidemiologist. Thus a single person can make out such a vast change. But still lots of things are to be done.

I am from a middle class, highly educated Indian family. I have three sisters the two elder one are engineer and third one is doctor and I am the youngest. Since my childhood I have seen people considering the health profession as a noble one as it always had a social touch. This attracted me to think over this as a career.

Since my school days I started developing more and more interest in health science, which stemmed from an innate concern for life. So I took the decision to make it my career and was further boosted up by my father, who encouraged me to go towards my liking. So I worked hard in higher secondary exam to take a prestigious score of 83%. At the same time I cracked in Maharashtra State Common Entrance Exam and was in state merit list so that I could get admission in prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College (JNMC).

At JNMC I started developing my interest in the field of public health. Especially, during my second year of MBBS, when we started learning Preventive and Community Medicine. Regarding community medicine we learnt many facts there like the principles of community medicine, functions of an epidemiologist, importance and scope of the subject and so on… which gave me a strong foundation in the field of public health.

The exhaustive curriculum along with the fieldwork gave me a lot of exposure to administration as well as execution of national disease control programs. We learned about simple and effective yet inexpensive techniques to tackle even the most formidable diseases, apt for developing countries. A health education program of the slum population was implemented after a survey of their neighborhood gave insight to the functioning of public health system. Analysis of the whole data was done and the certain suggestions were given to the population by taking account into their available resources. The MBBS undergraduate curriculum provided for a detailed study of epidemiology, planning and evaluation, statistics and international health which will help me understand the subjects of the Masters in Applied Public Health curriculum like principles of epidemiology, health policy, role of an epidemiologist etc.

My undergraduate training as a doctor gives me a strong foundation to develop my skills as an epidemiogist. As an intern I had to handle the day to day running of a primary health care center. I participated in Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program (RNTCP), National Program for control of Blindness, National AIDS Control Program, Pulse polio campaign, Reproductive and Child Health Program. Also we conducted many camps under various National Disease Control programs. For example, Eye check-up camp at Borgaon, Complete respiratory check-up camp at Pavnar, health check up camp for primary school students at Paloti. I was impressed with the range… depth and breadth of issues that public health programs could solve.

Currently I am planning to participate in a project aided by World Bank and Ministry of Health, India that will help me to take up the course of MPH more effectively.

At present I am Medical Officer at a Primary Health Center (PHC) run by Government of Maharashtra, where I am undertaking various tasks like guiding the health workers to carry out various health programs, attending out patient department, supervising health workers and PHC staff, attending monthly meeting with District Health Officer (DHO), forwarding the survey details to DHO.

I have attended the symposia related to Research projects such as Writing and analyzing case report, Medical data Information Searching and Processing. I have attended various CME on subjects like Gynecological oncology, advances in cardiology, newer interventional radiological techniques in venous insufficiency. Also I have participated on the workshop in Orthopedics on Total Hip Replacement.

I strived to excel not only in academics but also in extracurricular activities like acting, drama, music and sports like football, cricket and badminton. I have played three times at State level badminton championship and cricket at division level representing my district. At college, I won the badminton championship for a record four consecutive years. Sports have helped me become a better team player and served as a healthy outlet to the stress of the medical profession.

I plan to join Masters in Applied Public Health from University of Central Lancashire in Sep 2009 session. I choose the prestigious University of Wales Institute Cardiff program because its nationally reputed program prepares professionals to meet the challenges of a changing health-care industry. There are various problems that need to be tackled in the health care industry ranging from the AIDS epidemic to controlling tuberculosis in developing countries. Cost of medical care is getting costlier day by day. The evaluation of cost-benefit analysis of various medical procedures and drugs, vaccines or instruments is important and will be a demanding task. I look forward to attack and solve some of these problems after graduation.

Again after completion of my graduate course I intend to fulfill my dream of working in an international health organizations serving humanitarian needs like the World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund or the International or Indian Red Cross. The MSc Applied Public Health program at UWIC in UK will provide the ideal launch pad for a career in the public health industry, serving the needs of disadvantaged and making a difference.

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