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Sample of SOP for Masters in Public Health from University of Manchester in UK

This is my view about life. Mankind won so many battles in the war towards achieving ‘Health for all’ with eradication of infectious diseases like smallpox in 1980, when the WHO declared the world a ‘Small Pox-free’ place. We are on the verge of successfully eradicating the menace of Poliomyelitis from our society. There are… Read More »

Sample SOP for MSc Applied Public Health from UK

The world will never forget the golden day when humans conquered smallpox, when we eradicated the same in 1980. Also we are on the verge of eradicating one more dreadful disease, poliomyelitis. All this could be achieved when we could communicate with the people and take them with us. Yes, that’s one of the jobs… Read More »