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Sample Letter of Recommendation for MPhil in Medicine in UK

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The Graduate Admission Committee,

I am pleased to write a few words in the form of recommendation for Dr. Ambarish Jamgade as an applicant to the University of Liverpool for an MPhil in Medicine. I know him since he was posted in department of medicine in his second year of M.B.B.S. in January 1999. He is a student with excellence. He is ambitious and self believing. He has great devotion towards medicine field especially in research aspect.

Let me introduce myself; I am In-Charge of HIV unit in Lata Mangeshkar hospital and research center which has over 60 new OPD patients who are HIV positive per month and I deal with about 20-25 in patients per month. I also worked as lecturer of Medicine in Government Medical College and Hospital, Nagpur.

During his clinics I found him many times coming back to the patients after class is over and taking history of his own interest many times I had talk with him about this and every time he used to say there are lot of thing which are there to be extracted from a patient which are not extracted during the clinics. Surprisingly I found many times he was successful in extracting many points of interest. Thus he has exceptionally good interviewing and interpersonal communication skills.

For publishing and presenting a paper on, HIV patients named, “Behavior and social aspect in MSN and HIV positive patients in central India”. Dr. Ambrish has been a great help to me. He interviewed many HIV patients very impressively. I found many HIV patients giving hidden histories to him which I think nobody in my department able to extract. He also helped me in collecting the data and analyzing it; in which I found him exceptionally good. His coordination with his team mates is simply fantastic. He is socially active and is associated with and doing a good work for “self help group” an organization of HIV positive people and MSM people under LMH.

So since 1999 I found that Dr. Ambarish has displayed a keen sense of learning, assimilated the facts quickly and developed inchoate ideas masterfully. He has excellent grasping power and an aptitude for understanding new concepts and techniques. His approach is methodical and systematic coupled with a high degree of precision. As a result his reports and assignments, as I found, were of commendable quality.

He has good command over written and spoken English; therefore communication for him has never been a problem. He has actively participated in various other college activities also.

Ambarish has been clear of her goals all along and I am confident that he will perform brilliantly during his studies in the UK. I strongly recommend him for your esteemed university. I wish him all the success in his academic and professional carrier.

Sample LOR for MPhil in Medicine from University of Liverpool in UK

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The Graduate Admission Committee,

It gives me great pleasure to introduce Dr. Ambarish P Jamgade .I know Ambarish since 5 years. He worked with me on a research project “Injection practices in India” 2002-2003. During this project I got a chance to observe him very closely. This period is I think enough for me to know him.

Let me introduce myself. I am Dr. Suresh Ughade . I am working as a professor in Biostatistics in Public Health Department in Government Medical College and Hospital , Nagpur. I am FRSS from United Kingdom. I passed ……………. From NCU at Chapel Hill.

Dr. Ambarish as I know him since his second year is always attentive and studious and hard working guy. He is very focused on his goals. He is very prudent in his moves. He has very clear ideas and his mindset is perfect about what he is doing and what he is going to do; and because of this I think he is quite capable of solving any kind of problem quickly and without hesitation; because of which I saw him solving many problems of administration in no time. I think he has great interpersonal skills. It is these qualities which makes him different from other students.
I rate him among the best 5% of my students.

Ambarish has toured with me round about 15 different cites with team of 6 doctors which was headed by me.During this period I have observed many things about him. He has excellent interviewing skills. He is very good at convincing people to participate in our research studies and preparing them to answer many tedious questionnaires. He interviewed hundreds people including Doctors, Nurses, Lab technicians and laymen i.e. patients. He maintained a very neat record as a part of data collection. Ambarish has very good skills in data collection and he is very good at data analysis. I think Ambarish is the only person on the team who made the whole field work in limited time frame and limited monetary resources.

In all Ambarish is a hardworking, attentive and full of enthusiasm . He is full of innovative ideas. He is great at interpersonal skills. He has exceptional management skills and administrative capabilities.

Thus I strongly recommend Dr. Ambarish Jamgade for MPhil in Medicine from the University of Liverpool.

I wish him all the best.

Please feel free to contact me any time .