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Sample SOP for MBA from Wolverhampton University in UK

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“A person lives only once, but if you live right, once is enough”. The same truth applies to one’s career decision because the career you choose is going to live with you throughout your life & the education you perceive was, is & will be your most loyal friend and which will help you achieve your career goals. Moreover, education is an investment that will reap rich dividends in the future & will never go waste. So one has to make wise career decisions in life for which he may not have to repent in the future.

While doing my graduation I joined IACM Pvt. Ltd. as a Faculty Engineer (Networking) in January 2006 and worked till February 2007. Then I joined CMS Computers Ltd in the same post in February 2007 where I worked till January 2008. After taking my exams of the 5th semester, I joined Infostar Technology as a System Engineer in October 2008 and my responsibilities are to manage all PCs & server infrastructure build & to manage specialist teams for desktop & server management. I now find myself at a respectable position in Information Technology industry. Although I enjoyed my satisfying work experience as Manager- Operations but I am now poised to take on a more challenging career, one that entails decision-making in terms of business direction. Now I realized that besides gaining experience, a thorough study regarding this field plays an essential role in the success. Therefore I feel the need to gather sound knowledge in Business Administration and Management by doing MBA from UK.

U.K. is an energetic, vibrant and a confident country which offers unique kind of educations and learning style that will encourage me to be innovative, creative and think independently. Education in U.K. makes a real difference in comparison to other global institutes. This is the place where most of the fortune 500 companies are located; with the proven ability & skills of the esteemed teachers of your university, I am sure that my career will be easily molded in the right way. I am very excited by the highly flexible curriculum that your university has and I look forward to learn under some of the most recognized names in the world of management. Student from U.K. are rarely accepted as sophisticated and harmonious in learning because of the different kinds of courses offered and exposure to international environment –are just the right things. Thus I have chosen to pursue my higher studies in your university to accomplish my goals.

To achieve my career goals, I need to learn much more about current developments and techniques in management, international markets and market applications and acquire hands-on experience of management. A Master’s Degree will provide me with theoretical understanding and depth idea of practical approaches in aiding managerial decision-making and hence research skills which will enable me to develop an expertise in the core areas of management strategies and global corporate marketing operations. I would like to probe specific problem areas such as the application of quantitative analysis to understanding various issues in global management and improving decision-making and effect of increase in global communications on international management decisions.

I am imbued with effective communication skills, critical thinking, better sense of business management, creativity and also have admirable personal and professional experiences, in this field.  Upon completion of program, I would like to join a Multi National Company, where I can apply my past experience and Business Management knowledge gained through this program. I expect to become an influential contributor to the delicate and finer intricacies involved in successfully executing a product launch at global level or a vital business project to the industry. I would like to grow as a strategic business negotiator in the area of International Marketing.

Ready to enter the global arena at this juncture, I want to study MBA in Wolverhampton University. I promise to put in my best and sincere efforts in meeting the high standards set by the university.

I am positive and really looking forward to an exciting stay at your university.

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