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Sample LOR for MBA IT Project and Risk Management in UK

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I understand that Mr. Niraj Pande is applying in Sheffield Hallam University for admission to your graduate program in MBA Information Technology Project and Risk Management in UK. Though I have known Niraj since his third year in the college, I came into close contact with him during his third and fourth year. I taught him Control System in third year and was his project guide for his curriculum project. Apart from this close association, I also know him since last four years.

My impression of Niraj is that of a capable & hardworking student. His active participation in the lectures I conducted for his class has shown his deep interest in the subject. His ability to logically analyze the given situation & reached the solution is quite noteworthy. These qualities backed by his strong theoretical background make him quite a promising young student .His practical work was conspicuous by its accuracy and its tidiness. His ability to understand the complexity of a subject and communicate his thoughts lucidly is evident from his outstanding performance in almost all of his oral examinations.

During his engineering studies, he continually improved his academic performance and maintained a good position among good students of the class. In final year, he secured creditable ‘First class ‘. During his work on the project I found that he has good grasp of fundamentals and strong analytical capabilities. He also demonstrated confidence dealing with company personnel’s & also developed a good rapport with his colleagues. The seminar presented by him, ‘Use of PLC programming in Power Station’ was well researched. He spent many extra hours training at Thermal Power Stations and library to prepare his seminar. The confidence, experience and maturity, he acquired during his presentations was clearly reflected in his seminar.

Touching to his personality, I find Niraj to be quite an amicable person who loves to think & finds the solutions of a different real time problems which occurred while execution his projects. He has a good command over English Language & can express his thought quite clearly. He has good leadership & organizing qualities. He is also a very good sportsman. On the personal front, I find him very amiable and polite. Now it’s been more than three years he has completed his BE course. But still he often pays visit to me and other faculty members in his leisure time.

In view of his overall skills, I strongly feel Niraj has the potential to be a graduate research student in Sheffield Hallam University. I take pleasure in recommending him for admission towards  Information Technology Project and Risk Management in your esteemed University.

Your reputed institution & guidance will shape him to his desired goals. I expect Niraj to perform very well & will have a rewarding stay in your campus. I am confident that he will live up to your expectations.

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