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Sample SOP for MBA from Swansea Metropolitan University in UK

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U.K. is the place to be, as it provides the perfect training and environment to achieve my entrepreneurial ambition.

Having commerce in my higher secondary level has sharpened my mind and have created a desire to learn and given me an ease to purpose MBA in UK. After completing my Graduation, I started my own business and I want to grow and move ahead with time and changing and world scenario. With 7 years of work experience I have somewhat learned and known the industry.

The fact that I deeply wish to be associated in the respective fields of management and marketing is indispensable. My past experience, complimented with a plethora of achievements is witness to it. Management course fascinates me not only because companies are more competitive but also because it can bridge great distances to bring people together. I like learning new skills and acquiring updated information because they help me adapt to the fast changing world and encourage my interest in innovation enrich my experience and give me higher self esteem.

Personal satisfaction also plays a key role in my career decision while monetary rewards are of practical importance. True satisfaction springs from the opportunity to grow and learn within the industry and more. Studying in Swansea Metropolitan University will help me achieve my MBA degree from UK. The master’s studies would be necessary to secure a position as a specialist in Trading Business and given platform to my idea; such a position in long term will prepare me to accomplish my long term ambition of building my own big company. The university would definitely help me make a mark contribution to the world economy and development in the fast growing industry and changing infrastructure.

I have strong quantitative and analytical skill which acts as my support backing up power and an everlasting confidence to tackle advance problems. Experience gained during my work has given a new shape to seeing things and helps me decide on the better path to the goal. However, sound perception, dedication, determination, leadership qualities and a strong will power holds the key and that’s where I take pride. However I have achieve success in business and it is because of that I stand today in an era of confidence and commitment. I have always made a sincere attempt to accomplish excellence. It is astonishing to know how marketing/human resource management can influence every decision we make and from most complex business decisions to minuscule buyer behavior, they form the benchmarks.

To achieve my career goals, I need to learn much more about current developments and techniques to help me advance in the competitive world to understand and experience the scenario better.

The university has its outstanding faculties and emphasis on a collaborative learning environment, flexibility in curriculum, study abroad opportunity and a global perspective to various key issues. I hope to become a part of this dynamic culture which will give me a leading edge to work effectively in diverse teams and situations.

Sample SOP for MBA from Swansea Metropolitan University in UK

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My career goals started taking shape towards the later part of my undergraduate degree. My parents offered significant participation in helping me in shaping my goals.  My father wanted me to join the elite Indian bureaucracy by becoming an IAS (Indian Administrative Services) officer. My mother, on the other hand, would always advise me to follow my heart and do what I wanted to. “If you follow your heart you would perform and deliver nothing but the best”, she would say. These words shaped my career and destiny. I decided to explore the unknown and take the path of an entrepreneur. To build up on my academic background, I took up a Master’s program in Industrial relations and Personnel Management and also Bachelor’s Degree in Law.

My first job was at an advertising agency. This job gave me hands-on experience in marketing and also helped me put together some capital to start my own business. I shifted to Noida, an industrial suburb of New Delhi with the intention of starting my own enterprise. My vision culminated into a venture when I opened a franchise center of Aptech Limited, a leading Software Training Institute of India. This was an education center for the IT industry. This center went on to become the “Best Managed and Most Profitable Center of North India”. It also helped boost my confidence. After approximately three years of managing this center, I inducted a strategic partner, and took to my path in search of some more rewarding, challenging and a rapidly growing business.

The city of Noida was coming up as a major industrial township and a lot of multinationals and domestic companies were setting up base here. During this time I met Mr. Sanjay Pandey, who had done his graduation from London and was running a successful Public Relations and Liaison firm. He offered me the position of a partner in his firm. After due consideration I decided to join him. Today, I have about five years of experience at M/s. Tirupati Communications. I became very successful as the company grew by leaps and bounds in terms of geographical reach, turnover, profitability, quality of service, operations, etc.  I am clear that my future career lies in the domain of consultancy, liaison, and public relations. My strength lies in problem solving and public relations. My limitations are in areas of market analysis, research and corporate finance. I now realize that I need to develop my further insight and vision for Management Consulting in the new global economy.

The thought of pursuing an MBA at this stage seems to be the most logical next step towards building the blocks for my future endeavors. First and foremost, this course would help me sharpen my skills in the areas of Marketing – specifically market analysis and research, corporate finance and strategic planning. It will build my overall knowledge of management subjects that will allow me to exercise better control over business. It also enlivens me to think that the MBA I want to pursue will be in an international setting, an exposure I believe it is a necessity. The diversity in work environment and culture will better to prepare me face to face interaction with different kinds of people, thoughts, values and cultures on business the world over. I am looking at the Business School education to enhance my skills and capabilities. I also intend to take experience in one of the ‘Big 5’ consulting firms, whose multicultural and transnational business interests would give me a representation of the diverse International business environments. The international character of the MBA program specifically addresses my needs in terms of quality and flexibility. The curriculum offered is in accordance with my learning goals. Moreover Swansea Metropolitan University has a tremendous exposure in terms of practical experience.

My long-term career goal is to return to India and set up my own Consulting and Public Relations firm. India, with its recently opened economy, offers tremendous growth and opportunities in this field and I have my belonging deeply rooted to my motherland.

After comparing various similar programs in terms of value for time and money, I have come to the conclusion that the program at Smith offers best value in terms of reputation, quality, exposure, delivery and content. I am confident that this program would give inputs that will help me realize my dream of establishing a business that will turn my vision into reality.

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