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Sample SOP for MBA from Wolverhampton University in UK

“A person lives only once, but if you live right, once is enough”. The same truth applies to one’s career decision because the career you choose is going to live with you throughout your life & the education you perceive was, is & will be your most loyal friend and which will help you achieve… Read More »

Sample SOP for MBA from Newcastle University in UK

Right from my early childhood I had a dream to become an Engineer. After I passed My High School Exams my uncle, who is my mentor also suggested me to do a Professional Diploma. So I joined a four Year Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. After finishing the diploma, my first job was with an Automobile… Read More »

Sample SOP for MBA in UK

I believe in struggling is the only way to keep up. This describes me very well my professional and personal life. I am applying for Master in Business Administration program in Swansea Metropolitan University. I have completed my graduation degree in engineering in Electronics & Communication with a strong knowledge base of communication and computer… Read More »

Sample SOP for MBA in UK for a student with an Engineering Background

Throughout my life, I have been driven by the desire to create and innovate, a capability that is always known to transcend the active acquisition of knowledge. In this era of globalization, I decided not to just get enthralled by the technological marvels, but to play my part in it. In view of such global… Read More »