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Sample SOP for Master of Education in UK

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“Nothing happens unless first a dream. Our decision, not the conditions of our lives determines our destiny.”

This has always been the guiding line of my life. I feel life and God have been very kind to me providing me with all that I always needed. I think of myself as a simple, uncomplicated and a very humble human being. Thanks to the simple upbringing provided to me by my parents. Consequently, I have always tried to have a simple uncomplicated outlook towards the world and that is how I like it.

Religion and Culture also have always had an important role in my upbringing and the various religious principles & values have been strictly inculcated in me.

My Family consists of my parents & three brothers’ out of which two are married and a younger brother. My Father runs a jewellery business and owns a jewellery shop in Nagpur. My eldest brother is in service at Dubai (Pure Gold Jewellery Shop). My mother and brother are running the same jewellery business in Nagpur and his wife is running a household imitation jewellery business.

To talk about my academic qualification English has been the language of instruction throughout my academic career. I cleared my S.S.C. Examination with 51.33% in the year 1998 and passed my H.S.S.C. with 65.33% in the year 2000 from Maharashtra State Board. I went on to complete my graduation in Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) with 54.93% in the year 2003 and completed Post Graduate, Master of Arts (Sociology) in 2005 with 58% from Nagpur University. I cleared my Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) with 77% from Chattisgarh University, Raipur. I have also given my IELTS Examination on 29th September 2005 and scored over all 6.5 bands.

During my education I worked as an Assistant Teacher in Vidyaniketan Convent for one year 2003-2004. I also started providing home tuitions to the students who were weak in their academics. During my working experience, I came across various students. I always wanted to help them in the best possible way to overcome their academic constraints. This is the reason, why I want to do my Masters of Education.

Now I am looking for a field in which I could contribute in positive way to the society and my country. Throughout my Educational life I have had a great deal of admiration for my teachers and have always aspired to be like them. I could not think of any other field besides the education field. I strongly felt that teaching would be a profession that would give me a good degree of work satisfaction.

The reason why I want to study Masters of Education at the University of Central Lancashire, UK is that with my experience of teaching so far I have a clear idea of the skills I want to acquire for myself I did go through the various educational programs that are available in India. However, I found them very traditional where as I was looking for something more practical oriented. My thirst for the right course made me look for the courses that were available overseas. This was how I came across the Master of Education course at the University of Central Lancashire, UK. I felt this was the right choice, the course contents was very suitably designed. I wish to take up teaching on a more professional basis and look forward to employ myself with good educational institution on my return to India.

I strongly believe that a successful completion of the course at University of Central Lancashire, UK. I will have a good opportunity to work as an Educationist. I also feel that I would be able to help the future generation for my country in my own little way and make my contribution to make this world a better place for the generations to come.

I would like to conclude by requesting you to grant me a visa for the said purpose and to help me to enlighten my future.