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Sample SOP for MA in Fashion Designing from UCLAN

“Everyone is born with philosophy”, I graduated in Indian philosophy, and my philosophical background gave me a unique perspective to look at things differently. In philosophy we question “why”, we try to find the root cause of each substance. My philosophical background has broadened my mind to look at life with optimism. Fashion design in… Read More »

Sample SOP for MA in Fashion Styling in UK

I have always been passionate about fashion. My interest in fashion led me to pursue my Bachelors in Fashion Design from Pearl Academy of Fashion in Delhi, affiliated to Nottingham Trent University in UK. I was one of the top students of my class and was given an award for the best portfolio of garments.… Read More »

Sample SOP for MA in Fashion Design in UK

I have always had a keen interest in the field of art and design. I found myself deeply drawn to the design board during all these years. It is the only profession which matches with my personality and gives me the ability to explore my talent. During my course, I tried hard to make the… Read More »

Sample SOP for MA Fashion Design in UK

Fashion is the ultimate visual spectacle. Fashion design as a discipline is a way of satisfying designer’s yearning to create, to bring energy and excitement to a situation; it heralds a desire to provoke and reflect contemporary society needs. In order to achieve these aspirations, design needs to radically revolutionize its methodology that’s the reason… Read More »