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Sample SOP for Masters in Architecture and Interior Design in UK

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It is an ultimate desire to do Master in Architecture and Interior Designing from UK, as the education provided in UK is the best in the world. The universities in UK are renowned globally for their standards and the great exposure. Though there are many colleges in India and other countries offering MA in Architecture and Interior Designing, UK universities are much superior and globally renowned.

People once asked me: “Why did you choose architecture?” I couldn’t\ give a simple answer for that maybe it was because I like painting and construction since childhood. I earnestly yearn to create beautiful things on my own and architecture can satisfy my imagination in space, materials, and color. My interest in this sector is also because of my brother and uncle, who are both structural engineer and scientist, influencing me gradually and unconsciously since I was a kid and giving me perceptual knowledge in the field. After my three-year study in the Department of Architecture, and ten-years work experience in architectural and interior design, I ask myself this same question. The result is that aside from the factors mentioned above, what really makes me choose architecture is its intrinsic appeal, which is just like the maximum written inside the building of the Department of Architecture: “Architecture is the combination of art and technology.”

Perhaps when a person is engaged in what his keen interest blossoms, he will never feel tired; instead he would feel motivated and have an enriching experience. Three years’ academic study in the JDTI Polytechnic transformed my instinctive excitement and imagination about architecture into systematic knowledge and comprehensive understanding. This transformation, first of all, lies in my skills in the fine arts. Differing from my previous mere interest in fine arts, the study of architecture makes me begin to ponder on how to draw using aesthetic elements from fine arts such as color, lighting and composition to apply to architecture. I was so dedicated to such brainstorming and imagination that I would always work around the clock in the studio for days on end. Secondly, the study of basic architectural courses, such as architectural structure, mechanics and materials science, makes me realize that architecture not only gives importance on aesthetics, but also on the more essential functionality and practicality. In that process, I realized that architecture is not only an art, but also more importantly a sort of technology. Three years of college study gives me a deeper comprehension of architecture, that is, architecture is also part of other cultures – it is subject to other cultures’ influence, and at the same time it influences other cultures.

With my childhood architectural background, coupled with my lasting keen interest in architecture, I gained excellent achievements in the major courses of my college study. Besides, owing to my understanding of architecture, I am not satisfied with mere textbook knowledge. I believe architecture is not only a skill but also, more importantly, a combination of creativity and imagination. An excellent architecture designer needs not only solid architectural skills and knowledge, but also needs nourishment from fine arts, materials science, engineering and culture. For that purpose, I read quite extensively, understood the architectural history of different countries – especially European architectural history, learnt from works of modern and contemporary architectural masterpieces, and gained insights on their design conceptions that are full of creativity and connotation. The knowledge I have gained from these efforts heightens my interests and my desire for creation.

After completion of my architecture course, I worked with an excellent architectural design firm DRU GULF in Dubai. I worked on both government and private projects for this firm, which includes designing projects. The Firm helped me develop my designing skills, conceptualization, team work, direct interaction with clients and associates. It also strengthened my skills with various software’s like AutoCAD, sketch up, Photoshop, Corel draw, Archicad etc.

The design experiences from this firm made me very interested in creatively applying materials in projects. Meanwhile, I also continuously learned new ideas in architecture from different countries, and especially saw a lot of design drawings of overseas architectural masters. All these experiences have a great impact on me, sparking my intention of studying abroad to learn more in-depth contemporary international architectural conceptions. I especially aspire to get to know in more detail modern western architectural history in the hopes of forming my own architectural conception. I worked on both government and private projects for this firm and RSP Design Consultancy Bangalore India, which includes designing projects like, Fujairah international airport UAE. Microsoft campus Hyderabad India, Hindustan Unilever corporate office Mumbai-India, Cisco campus Bangalore-India, etc.This encounter with various types and scaled projects, with different concepts and requirements programs helped me gain more knowledge about architecture and interior design profession. My professional experience has brought me in contact with people from business, finance, real estate, technicians & engineers, legal consultants, and environmental experts and has made me understand the needs of this industry. This Work Experience has boosted my self-confidence and helped me to be an independent person and a better human being.

After gaining as much knowledge, I would like to expand my horizons to pursue an international education in the subject of my interest of environmental and sustainable architecture, to gather more experience, knowledge, interaction and better prospect. I believe that Ravensbourne College has the exact course and core module which matches with my interest for Architecture and Interior design. According to my research Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication is very well known for this course. With my background, work experience, academics and zeal for work and research, I am confident of meeting the high standards of the Masters program.

Your Masters program is intensive and covers all topics of interest in detail also with the best possible infrastructure provided by the university I am sure that I will be able to attend my future goals. The location of your Institute is also an attractive factor. I am convinced that, it will offer me the right set-up that will allow me to contribute my learning, time and energy to this field with the passion it deserves. After doing adequate research found that Ravensbourne College provides good studies regard Architecture and designing courses. In conclusion I wish to be a part of the wonderful set provided by your Institute. It would indeed be a great honor and privilege to belong to this elite university. I look forward to having a great learning experience and a memorable stay in your city and College.