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University of Central Lancashire and Asian School of Communication

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The University of Central Lancashire will be offering Film Production and Journalism programmes, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, at the Asian School of Communication in Delhi. ASC is an iniative of AAFT and ASMS. Based in Noida, the programmes are offered at purpose built brand new premises.

Here are some images of the campus.

Joint Study Programs with UK Universities

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In case you are wondering whether or not studying in UK is a good option then check out the latest stats and figures claiming UK a top favorite amongst international students leaving behind countries like U.S.A. and Australia! This automatically makes it a golden mine of opportunity for education institutions round the world. Just think about it. If you are a known name or even an upcoming name in the education industry of your home country, wouldn’t it be a good professional move to tie up with a famous UK University for a joint study program? It will guarantee you a much wider section of student population!

How to establish such a link with UK University?
For instance if you are a college in India say for fashion , then what would be the best way to follow for you to have a UK University connection? Well, you can tie up with a university in UK which is known for its fashion courses. In India, Pearl Academy of Fashion is affiliated with Nottingham Trent University. This way student gets to study for say 2 years in India and the rest of his session in UK.

The format of study followed in India would be the same as followed in the UK University along with same kind of perks extended to students.

Why is it beneficial for you?
•Well for one, it will give you a better standing in the international education circuit
•You will be able to secure a large number of international student population towards you
•Profit sharing would rise considerably due to the goodwill of the UK university in the market
•A much needed market boost for your brand and high reputation building in the home education industry

How to establish such links?
You can either approach the university or college directly or you can take the help of education consultants

Tie Ups through education consultants
Since we are taking the example of India will carry it forward here too. One can hire an Indian education consultancy for prospective tie up with a UK University for joint study programs. These consultants for a small fee help you in approaching suitable UK universities or colleges and build up favorable ties with them. For example Arch Academy in Jaipur India which offers joint study programs in affiliation with Doncaster College in UK.

Consultants like Future Defined in Delhi draw out contracts, chase up the representative of the universities and sought out the best possible study package for both the sides. You don’t have to worry about creating an impression on the UK University in question as these education consultancies takes care of the promotion part. With the help of intelligently crafted presentations, board meetings, conferences etc. they manage to secure a deal profitable to both the parties!

So what are you waiting for, take your institution to a global scale and develop joint study programs with UK Universities!

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