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Top 10 Universities of UK for Business and Management Studies 2012


Here we will be starting a series of articles based on UK Universities rankings for a particular subject starting with top 10 Universities of UK for Business & Management Studies.

Recently Guardian came out with their annual list of top ranked UK universities  [University League Table 2012] based on their previous year’s performances. The Guardian also declares another list featuring various core subjects and courses taught under them at several universities and colleges of UK.

You will get to know the top university or college of UK for your desired course or study programme. This will help you a lot while filling out your application and choosing a suitable college or university in UK for further education. One can swiftly compare their favorite UK University with the others present on the list.

We would start with top 50 UK universities of UK for Business & Management Studies! However, we will review only the top 10 UK universities and colleges here.

Top 10 Universities in UK for Business & Management Studies [Covers business studies, management studies, finance, accounting, marketing, human resource management and business and administrative studies]


Name of institution Guardian score /100
Note: Other providers that deliver courses in this subject area, but for whom there is insufficient data to calculate a ranking position, include Harper Adams UC, Cambridge, SOAS and UHI Source: Higher Education Statistics Agency (Hesa); National Student Survey; Intelligent Metrix Ltd
1 Oxford 100.0
2 Warwick 97.2
3 City 94.9
4 St Andrews 89.3
5 UCL 88.3
6 Bristol 87.7
7 Strathclyde 87.2
8 Bath 85.3
9 Loughborough 82.6
10 Lancaster 82.5


Oxford University may have slid down to number 2 in the University League Table 2012 but when it comes to degree in Business & Management Studies, it stand on top with a Guardian score of 100! As a matter of fact, chances if you making your career 6 months after course completion are the highest with an impressive number of 86!

Right on Oxford University’s heels is Warwick University with overall score of 97.2, satisfaction score of 91% from course and 85% from teaching.  Chances of making a great career after 6 months of completion of your course at Warwick is however 77 which is quite behind Oxford.

On number three is the City University with an overall score of 94.9 and career making chances after 6 months as 64. Universities on number 4, 5 and 6 i.e. St. Andrews [one of the oldest universities of UK], UCL and Bristol boast of a score with slight difference – 89.3, 88.3 and 87.2 respectively.

Bringing up the rear are University of Strathclyde at number 7, University of Bath at number 8, Loughborough University on number 9 and on number 10 resides Lancaster University. They all come with an overall score of 87.2, 85.3, 82.6 and 82.5. Career after 6 months for these universities however is not in accordance with their rankings. For Strathclyde its 65 while for Bath University it’s slightly higher at 79 followed by score of 73 for Loughborough and 84 [the highest amongst the last four for Lancaster University!

11 Reading 81.7
12 Glasgow 79.1
12 London School of Economics 79.1
14 Exeter 78.5
15 Buckingham 77.2
16 Heriot-Watt 75.9
17 Nottingham 75.3
18 Birmingham 73.4
19 Robert Gordon 73.2
20 King’s College London 72.9
20 Leeds 72.9
22 Stirling 71.5
23 Kent 71.4
24 Sunderland 71.0
25 Edinburgh 70.9
26 Durham 70.0
27 Aston 69.5
28 Manchester 66.6
29 Leicester 66.3
29 Queen’s, Belfast 66.3
31 Cumbria 66.1
32 Lincoln 65.1
32 Cardiff 65.1
34 Oxford Brookes 64.9
34 Newcastle 64.9
36 Southampton 64.3
37 Edinburgh Napier 63.3
38 UEA 62.6
39 Liverpool 61.3
40 Northumbria 61.2
41 York 60.5
42 Trinity Saint David 60.4
43 Bradford 60.1
44 Royal Agricultural College 59.9
45 Aberdeen 59.0
46 Surrey 58.9
47 Plymouth 58.6
48 Coventry 58.2
48 Keele 58.2
50 Glamorgan 58.1
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University Of Liverpool –Four New Programmes, IELTS Requirement Changes & Better Opportunities!

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University Of Liverpool one of the top 20 research led universities of UK has introduced four new courses under its University of Liverpool Management School and Computer Science Department citing the rising popularity of such business management courses amongst international students. The university which is known for its world class location and plethora of career opportunities is offering students four new courses starting this September in 2011.

All those students who wish to excel in the corporate world can really benefit a lot from this sling of new courses namely.

  • MSc Economics and Finance
  • MSc International Business
  • MSc Entrepreneurship
  • MSc Computation and Game Theory

Three new MSc programmes under University of Liverpool Management School for 2011 entry, which are:-

MSc Economics and Finance

Core- Theoretical as well practical knowledge about economics and finance and its practices.

Duration– One year [full time] , two years [ part time]

MSc International Business

Core- Theoretical as well practical knowledge about international business and its practices.

Duration- One year [full time], two years [part time]

MSc Entrepreneurship

Core- Theoretical as well practical knowledge about entrepreneurship and its practices.

Duration- One year [full time], two years [part time]


MSc Finance – Currently closed for 2011/12

The admissions for MSc in Finance from University Of Liverpool for the September intake 2011 are closed. The Management School has received a very large volume application for MSc Finance this year, so the School has decided to stop recruiting for 2011 entry. New applicants will be given choices of 2012 entry or entry into MSc Economics and Finance this year.

IELTS entry requirement changes to certain postgraduate programmes

As proposed by the new UK student visa rules declared on 6th April 2011, here are the revised IELTS entry criteria for various post graduate programmes

  • MA TESOL: IELTS 7.0 with no band below 6.5
  • All postgraduate taught programmes in Management School: IELTS
    6.5 with no band below 6.0
  • LLM at Law School: IELTS 6.5 with no band below 6.0
  • Postgraduate programmes at Politics department:  IELTS 6.5 with
    no band below 6.0
  • Pre-sessional EAP (English for Academic Purpose) courses are available if
    students do not reach the above level of English.


MSc Computation and Game Theory – new for 2011 entry

Core- Advanced knowledge about the applications and theories of Algorithmic Game Theory which is at an intersection between computer and economics.

Duration- One Year [Full Time]

TOEFL test & UK visa

Please note that the only approved UKBA TOEFL test is the iBT test. The
paper-based test is not accredited.


For more information about the newly introduced courses and revised changes made by University of Liverpool hire consultants at Future Defined One of the leading overseas consultants of New Delhi, these guys will surely provide you the proper career counseling and all the help you need to get an admission into University Of Liverpool!


Is it Worth Doing Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration in UK?

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When you plan to study Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, you must be well aware about all the aspects associated with this PG course in UK. It is not every day that you hop on a plane and go abroad to study for your higher education. This process involves meticulous planning and research on your part. Why should a student prefer to study in UK when this advanced management diploma in business administration is available in their home country as well? But the course being offered up in your country might not be an internationally accredited degree like available in UK universities and colleges.

UK has always been a favored destination for completing your post graduation in business management. As a matter of fact, the country is known for its competent course curriculum and attractive job packages. It is the lure of these cushy global jobs that bring many international students to UK every year. For example take India- more than 44,000 Indian students stepped on UK shores in 2009 for their higher education. For Indian students, a respectable degree recognized internationally and earned from a known university or college of UK is a great luring factor. In addition, the guaranteed job placement and further progression opportunities to possible courses like MBA make Post Graduate Diploma in UK a worthwhile option.

There are many colleges in UK like Finance & Management Business School in Birmingham and Eurospeak College in Reading that extend authentic internationally accredited post graduate diploma in business administration. The fees for these UK colleges too are within affordable range i.e. it would cost around anything between £4,500-£7,000 plus £5,400 of living expenses. If one decides to join a PGDBM course in India, it will cost them much more than the proposed amount in UK. It is better to acquire a UK diploma in the same course at half the fees from a renowned institute.

Also in UK, students are allowed to work part time- 20 hours per week during session and full time during vacation. This helps a lot in covering your living expenses.

One more note worthy point is that in UK all the post graduate courses are just one year in duration as compared to standard 2 year programmes in rest of the world.

One can confidentially claim that Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from UK is worth every penny of your money!

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Affordable Business Courses in UK-for the Betterment of Your Professional Life!

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Affordable business courses in UK have redefined the lives of many aspiring business students across the world. The fact that they are choosing UK as their study destination speaks a lot about the competency of these business courses. Professional courses from UK have always been high in demand in the business market due to their global recognition and immense goodwill. One can now venture into the international business circuit with more confidence and enhanced professional knowledge with the help of these comprehensive business courses in UK. What more can you expect from a country which is counted amongst the top financial hubs of the world. The place is brimming with opportunities for professionals in every sector. Enhancing your business through UK business courses is a fruitful investment by all means.

Business schools or more popularly known as B schools of UK are counted amongst the top education institutions of the world. This rise in popularity can also be accredited to recent downfall of Australia and U.S. for further education. The recent racism attacks have made Australia in particular quite infamous location for foreign students. UK on the other hand has seen a 70% rise in the international student population in 2009 as compared to 2008. But all facts kept aside, what has made UK’s business courses so popular among the international student clan is its affordability.

Some other factors that work in the favour of these affordable business courses in UK
• liberal UK market
• flexible work atmosphere
• internationally recognised degree
• secured future
• lucrative global job opportunities
• easily accessible student loans and scholarships

There are in fact many universities and colleges in UK like London School of Business & Finance, University of Central Lancashire, Sheffield Hallam University, Birmingham Business School, Greenwich School of Management, and University College of Swansea which extend a variety of student loan facilities and scholarship programmes like ‘The Women in Business Scholarship’, ‘The Corporate Scholarship’, to the deserving international students. In addition, the postgraduate business programmes like MBA in UK are of just one year duration which saves a whole year’s worth of tuition fees. The recent introduction in the student visa plan i.e. Tier 4 student visa that allows students to earn their living [ 20 hours per week during semester and full time during vacation] along with 2 year work permit on the completion of your course has made the business courses in UK within reach of just about anyone.

Some of the popular business courses in UK are
• Business Management, MSc
• Human Resource Management, MSc
• Master of Business Administration (MBA) Full-time, MBA
• Marketing Management, MSc
• Financial Management, MSc
• Accountancy Courses –ACCA, CIMA, ICAEW
• Finance Courses-CFA, IMC
• Marketing Courses-CIM

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