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Sample SOP for BSc (Hons) Mechanical Engineering in UK

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Fascinated by machinery and its mechanics from a young age, my ambition was to be an Engineer. “Give us the tools and we shall finish the job” – this great statement by Sir Winston Churchill has always inspired me and therefore did my Higher Secondary i.e. a level in Science stream I have always believed that the economy of a country depends entirely on its industries.

My initiative and exuberance propelled me to delve further from the scope assigned to me by seeking the guidance of my lecturers. I brought laurels to my school and Junior College. Now, my line of thinking goes as — The human society is a network that is not linear. People as the activity centers act as the nodes of this network. The cross involvement of these nodes is what creates risks and opportunities. This observation sterns my belief that handful of good men can change the society. And I am striving to bring about this change.

I have always been an outgoing person and have gelled well in groups. I have always shared a good rapport with the faculty of my department as well as my counterparts. I have been fluent in Hindi as well as English, which I have been speaking since my elementary school and am at ease with either language. I have shown leadership skills all throughout my school life as well at college. I have also had good experience working in-groups to carry out the allotted project and conduct presentation seminars.

Thus I find myself very focused to pursue my graduate studies and I hope that my academic qualifications as well as my personality would make me eligible to be a student at your reputed institution for graduate studies in Mechanical Engineering. I hope that in me you would find a competent student as well as a good human being.

As UK is one country which has a great deal to offer and I am convinced that with my academic platform I will have a lot to learn, I wish to apply for BSc (Hons) Mechanical Engineering degree from Heriot-Watt University, UK.

I am naïve but I’m sure that the Program at your University will help me secure an edge to my persona and hone my skills. I am looking forward to an exciting period of program at your university, which is a vital step in my career.

I want to make my own stand with my wide commercial outlook and an outstanding career in the field of Mechanical Engineering I always wanted to make something unusual by applying my knowledge along-with the increasing communication standards in the world, which is conducive to supply my aspiration.

I look for a sophisticated sense of what under graduation study is all about and a good match between my goals and what your program has to offer. I wish to be a part of the degree programme in your esteemed University. The course content and the flexibility have made me apply to the University and I will be able to honour every chance offered to me. I look forward to an enriching and a promising career in your University. I am sure my talents will be put to optimal use.