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Top 10 Universities of UK for Art & Design 2012

Carrying forward our series on top ranked universities of UK, we shall analyze here the ranks of top 10 universities of UK in 2012 for Art & Design courses. These universities which are ranked by Guardian on the basis of student satisfaction over courses, teaching methods and feedback received along with student staff ratio, spending… Read More »

What to Study Where in UK?

Want to study in UK? Fill out this query form for free advice! Choosing to study in UK is indeed a very wise decision on your part. The basis for this statement lies in the fact that the country provides access to all the competent study programmes and courses catering to various sectors and fields.… Read More »

Graphic Design Courses In UK

Want to study in UK? Fill our this query form for free advice! Combining Art with Technology! Planning to enter into the field of Graphic Design? There are few things that you need to know before deciding to make a career in this sector. First of all you need to have artistic inclination along with… Read More »

Animation Courses in UK

Want to study in UK? Fill our this query form for free advice! Have you ever wondered how exactly your favourite toon characters came to life? Have you ever sketched a fantasy scene from your favourite sci-fi movie? Does the thought of giving shape to your imagination excite you? Then my friend, you have a… Read More »