London Metropolitan University: Faculty of Computing & placement opportunities

By | April 3, 2012

London Metropolitan University had started an exciting initiative, the WOW Agency, which is embedded within their Faculty of Computing. It helps their best students/graduates from Multimedia, Digital and IT into real client-driven projects at very competitive rates to business.

The WOW Agency, their internship/placement agency within the Faculty of Computing, has now delivered over 100 projects to a wide range of small and large London-based organizations.

Placing their top students and graduates into real client-driven projects at low cost to business has proved an invaluable source of
employability skills development for their students and they continue to source the stars of tomorrow for corporate IT, Digital and Multimedia requirements today. This also helps their students to get real internships and placements, paid at good rates, as part of their degree or masters course.

Latest WOW clients include Comic Relief, News International and a technically challenging Social Enterprise project where we are
developing a ‘sharing platform’ environment that will look to aggregate content from relevant partner sites into a one-stop shop for
the new sharing economy!

For more information on The WOW Agency:

For more information about their Faculty of Computing and the courses they have please see here:

To apply to any of their course or seek further information, drop us a comment. Our expert team of “Study in UK” advisers will be more than happy to assist you.

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