Top 10 Universities of UK for Art & Design 2012

By | May 31, 2011

Carrying forward our series on top ranked universities of UK, we shall analyze here the ranks of top 10 universities of UK in 2012 for Art & Design courses. These universities which are ranked by Guardian on the basis of student satisfaction over courses, teaching methods and feedback received along with student staff ratio, spending per student, average entry tariff and most importantly chances of you making your career 6 months after completion of your courses in UK universities.

From this Guardian awards each university of UK an overall score which determines its ranking in the University League Table 2012!

You will get to know the top university or college of UK for your desired course or study programme. This will help you a lot while filling out your application and choosing a suitable college or university in UK for further education. One can swiftly compare their favorite UK University with the others present on the list.

Top 10 Universities of UK for Art & Design 2012 [Creation of visual work, from painting and sculpture to computer graphics and video games – includes crafts and fine art]


Rating Name of institution Guardian score /100
Note: Other providers that deliver courses in this subject area, but for whom there is insufficient data to calculate a ranking position, include London South Bank, Glasgow Caledonian, Glasgow, Trinity Saint David, UHI and University College BirminghamSource: Higher Education Statistics Agency (Hesa); National Student Survey; Intelligent Metrix Ltd
1 Oxford 100.0
2 UCL 92.6
3 Brunel 84.5
4 Writtle College 83.8
5 Newcastle 81.2
6 Reading 78.7
7 Glasgow School of Art 77.5
8 Aberystwyth 77.4
9 Lancaster 77.0
10 Kingston 72.8



Art & Design subjects considered to bring out your creative side can remodel your career on the lines of global successes if you get admitted into Oxford University in UK, ranked number one university for degrees in Art & Design streams. The university has the high student satisfaction rate of 92% in terms of courses and 88 % in terms of teaching!

UCL falls just 8 point short of Oxford University in the battle of number one position on the University League Table published by Guardian for 2012. Ranked as number 2, UCL comes with an overall high score of 92.6.

Next in line is the University of Brunel followed by Writtle College, Newcastle University and Reading University on positions 3, 4, 5, and 6 with the score of 84.5, 83.8, 81.2 and 78.7 respectively. Out of them, Brunel and reading are the only ones which show 74 percent chances of a career after 6 months of course completion.

Forming the tail are the universities of Glasgow School of Art [7, 77.5], Aberystwyth [8, 77.4], Lancaster [9, 77.0] and Kingston University [10, 72.8]. All of these universities of UK showcase a very decent rate of student satisfaction in terms of courses taught, teaching methods followed and feedback received.

Make your career in animation, fashion, design, arts, photography, architecture or any other such subject from the top 10 universities of UK for art & design in 2012!

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Universities of UK for Art & Design 2012

  1. CC

    OH!!MY god! i cannot believe what I saw!!
    Before i saw this article, I never though about Kingston is a excellent university for Art and Design ~
    Because I had asked my British friends, he said Kingston is very famous as other design university, such as RCA, CSM and LCF which are very popular among oversea students~

    I am wonder that this report is reliable ??

  2. CC

    sorry ~I typed wrong words~

    Because I had asked my British friends, he said Kingston is NOT a very famous university as other design university, such as RCA, CSM and LCF which are very popular among oversea students~

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