High University Fees for Local Students in UK- What Other Study Options to Choose?

By | December 5, 2010

In the wake of the revised university tuition fees for various courses, the local students in UK are the worst hit. The ongoing protests are a direct example of the bleak future these local residents of UK can foresee for themselves.

A study conducted by Leicester showed that poorer students were more like to put off by the fee hikes than the rest of the student population in UK. The current fee slab belongs to the category of £3,290 per year. Now with the revised fee slabs, it reaches up to £10,000 which puts off 10% of the local student population.
The dreams of lot of students get crushed under the current surveillance.

So what should these budding young professionals in the making do? Sacrifice their dreams? Maybe steering into another more realistic direction would still allow them to pursue their dream of higher education. There are several alternative courses available online by reputed colleges and universities that don’t charge that much. What more, you end up with a degree or diploma from a known university and it would still add much needed value to your resume.

Two of the hottest study options right now are
Ethical hacking or IT Security Expert
Internet Marketing

Ethical Hacking or IT Security Expert
An online degree from a known UK College in ethical hacking courses guarantees you a secure job in IT field. These colleges provide upgraded IT knowledge about every possible aspect involved in hacking done by illegal hackers.

The components of study are the same as learned by an illegal hacker. The only difference is that you are learning through a legalized course which is valid everywhere.

Reasons for UK being famous for ethical hacking courses
•It provides smooth channels of communication over internet

•It gives immense exposure in this field through work place training and an internationally recognized degree. This makes it easier for you to locate renowned companies looking for contract based ethical hackers.

Internet Marketing
Internet Marketing courses impart the requisite knowledge for the effective marketing of one’s product or business on the net. This is achieved through an amalgam of various tried and tested strategies and formulas that make for a cost effective as well result oriented marketing plan online.

Why UK is famous for its internet marketing courses
•Known university and college of UK extend an internationally recognized degree or diploma certificate in their various specialization internet marketing courses available online.

•Internet marketing UK colleges are better equipped with all modern day gadgets and equipments that are needed in a smooth running of communication channels throughout the world.

•A good internet marketing course in UK is one which includes the virtues of SEO and SEM tactics and strategies like article marketing, blogging, different optimization techniques, public label rights, e-book writing, affiliate marketing, list building, mobile marketing, pay-options techniques and lucrative computer training.

Colleges like Eurospeak in Reading near London offer quite affordable ethical hacking and internet marketing courses. Why not give them a try!

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