University Open Days- Can Tell a Lot About the UK Universities!

By | July 16, 2010

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Universities in UK hold open days for prospective students to give them a flavor of life at their university campus. As a matter of fact, it is quite recommended by many university guides and counselors that open days help a lot in knowing about a university and its various offerings. It really does show how life at campus is going to be for you. But is that the case always? Does the student really get to know the ‘real’ university or he or she just becomes a spectator of a university perceived by its administration?

Mostly it so happens that students are taken on pre decided university tours and pre fixed meetings with professors and peppy students who just show you the flowery side of a university life. Meanwhile they deftly cover up any of their weak points. So what to do in such a situation? Well, the best way to deal with such a situation is to go along with it but try to find out more about the university from a layman point of view.

Here are few pointers for you to help out during UK University ‘Open Days’

•Don’t just follow the pre decided tour. Try to break away from it and explore the campus on your own. Go to the uncharted sections of the campus which might not have been included in the tour.

•Check out the first year accommodations rather the plush suites. It will give you a better idea about your surroundings when you finally live here as a freshman!

•Take a look at the labs, libraries and common rooms of the university which are not so hi-tech.

•To know about the social life at campus, see the posters on the walls! It tells a lot about the type of societies, sports, entertainment etc. present in the university.

•Go through the libraries and the type of books they keep, if they have enough copies of important books etc. Also, see the student newspaper.

•See whether the distance is feasible for you to travel on a regular basis.

•Ask around the cafeteria and other hang out places about the university in question

•See the nearby areas and prospective job opportunities

Make the most of your open day in the UK University of your choice!

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