Sample SOP for PG Diploma in Culinary Arts from EHWLC

By | October 15, 2009

Goal becomes a reality when you think and try to achieve it. I always wanted an independent man, though I belong to a family where discipline is considered as top most priority. The world of Hotel Industry always fascinated me and I was always curious to get into this business.

Among the various subjects Economics and Food & Beverage were my favorites. Learning about the business and ways and means how the hotel industry works made me fascinated towards this course.

I believe that Hotel Management is like bread and butter which go hand in hand. After reading lots about Hotel Industry I came to know that the business and customer service is the core of Hotel Industry. I want to become a top class Chef who can different cuisine according to the International standards. This would not only satisfy my thirst of making a career but will also help me contribute the fragrance and taste for the customers who will come and dine in our Hotel.

During starting career’s in one field as a student pursues his education the student mostly acquires bookish knowledge as well as lectures from the institute where the student studies. However in today’s world practical knowledge is more important than the traditional bookish knowledge.

As a person always enthusiastic and love to put myself into challenges which give me motivation to work hard and achieve my targets, I even channelize my energy into sports. Cricket is my favorite sport and it teaches me, motivates and guides me as well as shows me that team motivation is very important to sustain in the role which a person is playing. Without team motivation it is next to impossible to reach to the goals which he or she has made to achieve. According to me the core content in a person is to be motivated and give his best shot even though things are not favoring him at that point of time. This type of motivation will bring the zeal in him to work hard and be appraised for the things he has done.

Challenges are very important in one’s life. Without challenges the person becomes subtle and tends to become bored by the things he does. Human beings by nature are social beings and they need a continuous boost to boost their confidence at times. This type of act will re-energize the confidence in them and that helps the entire organization to achieve the targets and goals of the company. Being a go-getter by nature I have always set high quality targets and tried my level best to achieve them. Even though it sometimes looked impossible still I managed to achieve them. I am confident that being a part of your college I would grow into a Hotel Industry as an outstanding Chef.

Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College provided me this unique course where I could combine work with studies which is exactly what I was looking for. The Earn and Learn course offered by EHWLC is one of the best in the UK. The colleges has excellent industry links and reputation in the UK. I believe doing the PG Diploma in Culinary Arts from UK would really help my career a lot.

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