Sample SOP for BA (Hons) Fashion Design in UK

By | October 30, 2009

Fashion designing is one of the most exciting and demanding professions of today. The world of design has always fascinated me. Since my childhood I have enjoyed designing my dresses and helping my friends and family members to manage their outfits. From my primary stage of education I have a passion for drawing, sketches etc. From that very beginning stage, I believe that I have to be a Fashion Designer. I feel even though “designing” is one of the youngest professions but it is one of the oldest human acts.

My country India has a very rich and culturally varied heritage. India can be called a Center for Fashion, where all varieties of dresses from Indian to western in multiple shades of fusions are experimented with. India is emerging as one of the major players in the world of fashion. I aspire to be a globally renowned Fashion Designer with my own Brand. To gain a global knowledge of fashion culture I have decided to earn a good Bachelors Degree in Fashion Designing from Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication, UK.

I have completed my class 10th(ICSE Board)with 91.4%(best five subjects) in 2007; currently I am in Class 12th and will complete it in March 2009. With my studies of class 12th, I also did a short term Fashion Designing course from “Lal Bahadur Shastri Training Institute” which helped me to develop my designing skills.

My Family is a simple one but aesthetic in their choice of outfits. They have been a major source of inspiration to turn my dreams into reality. I understand that hailing from a suburb of a small town with very limited exposure; I have been unable to portray my abilities and aptitude in the basic portfolio I could manage to prepare by myself. A true Fashion designer must have the complete knowledge about garment combination of line proportion, color and texture.

I truly enjoy designing clothes and its various accessories. I intend to learn everything about fashion designing because a complete knowledge is essential for success. I want people to dress themselves in the outfits designed by me. Today a large number of students interested in designing are crossing continents in search of new artistic sensibilities, methodologies and opportunities. I want to be one of those design students to break my regional barriers for higher and the best education I can get in a country like UK. Design education in UK is addressing the new and emerging fashion scenario. My aim is to be a graduate from your esteemed institution. By pursuing my BA Fashion from Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication in UK, I will be able to gain knowledge and develop my aptitude and skills at a global level which will help me to create my niche in the International Fashion Scenario. This is my dream and I will work hard to achieve it.

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